Highly Ranked
U.S. News & World Report's  2017 Best Online Programs  ranks the LSU Online engineering program 8th and Flores MBA 38th in the nation among public universities.
Priority Point Increase
The  Tiger Athletic Foundation has increased priority point credit for gifts made to the LSU Foundation and the LSU Alumni Association and is moving to expand to include donations to other foundations.
Researchers developed and tested a protocol to  sequence the DNA  of rare and even extinct animals from historic museum collections, allowing scientists to track how species have evolved or are related.

Diving for Science
LSU  Ph.D. candidate Alicia Reigel  has developed an innovative use for social media and visual communications to promote her  marine biology research experiences.

Testing High-Speed Travel
The future is now for a team of LSU students developing a futuristic new transportation prototype:  a pod that could float inside a tube and travel at speeds of 500 to 600 miles per hour. With dreams of building a Hyperloop tube running from Baton Rouge to New Orleans and reducing the city-to-city commute down to 20 minutes, the team is now on the road to test out their pod on SpaceX's Hyperloop test track in Hawthorne, Calif.
Did You Know?
The Next Mike:   LSU is continuing the search for the next Mike the Tiger. Starting in April, the tiger habitat will undergo renovations, which are scheduled to be completed in August. Once the renovations are complete, the plan is to have Mike VII join LSU's incoming freshman class this fall.

More Accolades: The awards continue to roll in for LSU's  Gabriela Gonz├ílez and the LIGO Scientific Collaboration.  The 2017 Rossi Prize has been awarded for the first direct detections of gravitational waves, for the discovery of merging black hole binaries and for beginning the new era of gravitational-wave astronomy. In addition, the National Academy of Sciences selected Gonz├ílez as one of the recipients of the academy's 2017 Award for Scientific Discovery.

Leading the Nation: For the second year in a row, LSU football fans have led the nation with 78,200 lbs. recycled during the GameDay Recycling Challengewhich engages hundreds of thousands of collegiate football fans in a waste reduction and recycling competition every fall.

Mardi Gras Expertise: Our faculty have a wide-range of research expertise, and with Carnival season right around the corner, LSU's research related to Mardi Gras is being highlighted. Researcher look at all aspects of the Mardi Gras season from history and traditions to economic impact and tourism.   
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