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Save the Date: November 19, 2015
LSU Hill Memorial Library 
Speaker: Dr. Thomas J. Durant
The author provides a detailed account of his journey from a small racially segregated town in north Louisiana to a large predominately white university, where he became engaged in the racial desegregation movement, during his 36-year tenure as a professor. Based on personal observations, experiences, documents, and reports, the book reveals how desegregation policies, programs, and events, and the actions of African American students, faculty, and staff, shaped the course of desegregation, cultural diversity, race relations, and cultural transformation of the university. This book fills a gap in the history of desegregation of a historically white public university that has not, heretofore, been revealed. - Joyce Marie Jackson, Ph.D. Director, African & African American Studies | Professor, Department of Geography and Anthropology, Louisiana State University

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Two 1 hour Faculty Workshops taking place in November coming up! 

Upcoming SVM Seminars and Workshops!
Spring 2016
Topic: Women's Leadership 
        Julie Kumble, M.Ed,
             Consultant in Women's Leadership in Veterinary Medicine  
        Dr. Donald Smith, DVM, Cornell University
Your Diversity Committee Members!
Dr. Lorrie Gaschen, Associate Dean for Diversity and Faculty Affairs, Chair
Dr. Annie Daniel, Associate Professor of Veterinary Medical Education
Dr. L. Abbigail Granger, Assistant Professor, Veterinary Clinical Sciences
Dr. Antonietta Guerrero-Plata, Associate Professor, Pathobiological Sciences
Dr. Samithamby Jeyaseelan (Jey), Professor, Pathobiological Sciences
Dr. Margaret McNulty, Assistant Professor, Comparative Biological Sciences
Dr. Kirk Ryan, Associate Professor, Veterinary Clinical Sciences
Dr. Joseph Taboada, Associate Dean for Veterinary Education and Student Affairs

Next Diversity Committee Meeting, November 18
Please email me with any topics you would like to see discussed at the meeting
Current Agenda
1.  Review Cultural Competency Seminar Survey Results

2. Discuss next seminar: Women's Leadership in Spring

3. Review progress on Strategic Plan, timeline next items

4. Participation at Regional Iverson bell, April, UF

5. Recruitment Initiatives, Faculty, Students


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