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LTC News and Views  -  July 2016
Veto Session on September 14, 2016
On June 27, 2016, Missouri's governor, Jay Nixon, vetoed Senate Bill 656, the "Permitless Concealed Carry" bill.
When the bill passed through both houses, it had a veto-proof majority. The political term "veto-proof majority" does not always mean a bill cannot be vetoed. The governor did veto the bill, but when it originally passed, it had enough votes to override the veto. There is a veto override session in September that everyone who voted for the bill the first time needs to be present and voting to override the governor's veto.
The idea behind the bill at the beginning was fairly simple. If you can legally own a handgun, you are allowed to open carry in most places throughout the state. You are also allowed to carry a loaded handgun concealed in the passenger compartment of your car. So, the thinking goes, if you are out walking, carrying openly, and the weather cools off and you need to put on a coat, why should that make you a felon.
While many mistook Permitless Concealed Carry for Constitutional Carry, they are not one and the same. The bill that passed both houses placed a number of limitations on those who chose to carry concealed without a permit that did not apply to those carrying concealed with a permit. For example, with a MO Concealed Carry Permit, you can also carry in 36 other states; if you take the permitless route, you can only carry in Missouri. Also, with a MO CC Permit, if you inadvertently entered a place that is posted "no concealed carry," you had to be asked to leave and then refuse to leave before you could be issued an infraction violation. If caught carrying in that same place without a permit, you could be arrested and charged with a class B misdemeanor, and without the courtesy of being asked to leave first.
The bill also contained provisions for 10-year, 25-year, and lifetime CC Permits; but unlike the standard 5-year CC Permit, the extended and lifetime permits would be restricted to Missouri only. Missouri extended CC Permits would cost the same to renew as 5-year CC Permits.
This bill ended up far from what was originally intended. All legislation coming out of both houses is subject to compromise and negotiation, and this was the best that could be done for this year. You can read the bill summary here:
Or read the bill in its entirety here:
Please contact your senators and representatives, and ask them to attend the veto session and vote to override the governor's veto of SB 656.
Here is a link to look up your legislators:

Expungement of a Criminal Record

SB 588 was passed and signed on 7/13/16 by the Governor, which provides for expungement of certain less serious criminal records and restores the rights of those previously convicted.

The process is simple. The presumption is that the expungement is in the public interest. To be eligible for expungement, it must be 3 years since released from the sentence for misdemeanors and 5 for felonies. All fines and restitution must have been paid. No pending charges. It removes collateral consequences of conviction. It is a "shall issue" expungement.

DWI's can be expunged under a different statute.

This expunges a great many felonies. It does NOT apply to:

Class A felonies
Dangerous felonies
1st Degree domestic assault
Sex offenders
Any felony where death is an element
Felony assault misdemeanor/felony domestic violence

Under this new law, those who were found guilty or plead guilty to receive an SIS (Suspended Imposition of Sentence) for non-violent crimes like bad checks, and completed the Expungement process, can now own firearms or obtain a concealed carry permit.

If you fall into this category and want to have your gun rights restored, you can contact Kevin Jamison, Esq at 816-455-2669.


Bill summary page:


From the 10/11/2010 Issue of Inspire Magazine (Al Qaeda's English Language Publication):

"Use a Pickup Truck as a Mowing Machine - Not To Mow Grass, But Mow Down the Enemies of Allah"

Includes step-by-step instructions for how the Nice, France truck terrorist carried out his attack. Excerpt: 

Use a Pickup Truck as a Mowing Machine - Not To Mow Grass, But Mow Down the Enemies of Allah

America is a terrorist state and Americans are complacent in some of the worst forms of terrorism our Muslim nation has been subjected to. Millions of Muslim lives have been lost to American brutality. It is about time Muslims wake up and payback America what is due to it.

In this section, the OSJ [i.e. Open Source Jihad], we give our readers suggestions on how to wage their individual jihad. Here is one idea of how an individual Muslim may do so. It is a simple idea and there is not much involved in its preparation. All what is needed is the willingness to give one's life for Allah.

More information, with the FULL article quoted, here.

Tactical Training with the RCAT
(Remote-Controlled Adaptive Target)

CPD SWAT versus the RCAT

We have posted the latest training videos of students, both law enforcement and CCW-1 and CCW-2 students, using the pre-production version of our new RCAT.

For identification purposes, the CPD SWAT Team is wearing all black tactical gear and the civilian students are wearing their standard concealment clothing.

Everyone gained a great deal of experience shooting at a target that moves like a real assailant and experiencing the "Fight, Flight or Freeze" response.

Here are the YouTube RCAT videos...the first one is mostly CPD SWAT vs the RCAT, while the second one is mostly civilians:



We're using the new RCAT for training in all of our Intermediate and Advanced Courses, CCW 1 - CCW 4. Please sign up and come out and see how you respond to a close range knife attack and other deadly force scenarios:



Would you like to use the RCAT on your range, with your students, to give them the best real life scenario training possible?

Learn To Carry, LLC will bring the RCAT to you, along with a highly skilled RCAT Operator, an Instructor with 5 years' experience teaching with the RCAT and our playbook of RCAT drills, for a flat daily fee plus travel expenses. Please call or email for details and scheduling.

New Low-Light Course

On Sunday, October 23, 2016, when the sun is setting early, we are holding a Low Light Course for those who want to be prepared to defend themselves and their families after the sun sets. At our latitude, it's dark about half of the time; better to be prepared.


(Questions people ask me at gunshows)


by K. L. Jamison

We have uninsured motorist insurance so that if our car is totaled we have enough for a new one. When sued or charged with a gun-related matter, we are faced with the immediate need for about the same amount of money. The US Concealed Carry Association finds the average self-defense shooting costs $25,000. A murder charge will cost far more. A lawyer will not turn on his computer until paid. Bail bondsmen want ten to twenty percent of the bond, and a co-signer, before springing the guest of honor. Traditional insurance will not cover a self-defense shooting. Insurance companies only insure mistakes. Self-defense by definition is a deliberate action. Fortunately there are membership groups which provide self-defense coverage.

The Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network reports that only one of their cases cost more than the initial attorney fee. They pay an initial $10,000 deposit against attorney fees the business day they are alerted to the case.

Different organizations offer different levels of coverage. More coverage costs more money. One group only covers fees up through the grand jury. The grand jury is where things start to get expensive. This does provide legal advice in the critical early stages of the case when the authorities are deciding which way the case will go. Immediate needs include bail and legal fees. Later costs include medical treatment, court costs, expert witnesses, lost wages and counseling for post-traumatic stress disorder. The Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network has a battery of expert witnesses available. Expert witnesses are increasingly necessary in our legal system. A gunsmith may be required for expert testimony that lightening the trigger pull does not make a revolver fire faster, or that a semi-automatic pistol does not require the slide to be manually pulled back after every shot. Prosecutors have seriously advanced these claims.

After surviving a criminal case, the member may have to do it all over again in a lawsuit. Bernard Goetz shot four muggers in a New York subway. He was acquitted on the grounds of self-defense. He was then sued for $43 million and lost! He was financially ruined for the rest of his life because in criminal court a charge must be proved "beyond a reasonable doubt." In civil court it must only be proved "more probable than not." In civil court a jury verdict does not have to be unanimous. Financial ruin can follow a majority that has let its soft heart run away with its soft head.

In Missouri, self-defense is an "absolute defense." Plaintiffs are prohibited from filing suit when a matter has been found to be self-defense. Such suits have been filed regardless and must be defended. It cannot be assumed that the judge will know of this statute or will dismiss a lawsuit on his own motion if he does know.

Some groups provide basic instructional materials either written or vetted by lawyers. These are of value if they are read or viewed. The defendant can always assert that he acted in accordance with legal advice.

Every person has unique insurance needs. Every policy is different. Self-defense insurance is not really insurance and is not regulated by state insurance commissioners. Read the fine print.

Kevin L. Jamison has been an attorney in the Kansas City Missouri area since 1983 concentrating in the area of weapons and self-defense. He wrote Missouri Weapons and Self-Defense Law and the DVD Missouri Concealed Carry and Self-Defense Law.

Please send questions to:

Kevin L. Jamison
2614 NE 56th Ter
Gladstone, Missouri 64119-2311

Individual answers are not usually possible but may be addressed in future columns.

This information is for legal information purposes and does not constitute legal advice. For specific questions you should consult a qualified attorney.

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