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Welcome to the League of Women Voters of Connecticut Monthly Update!   

This month we are asking you to help LWVCT either with your precious time and energy or your gift to support others who will be working hard to keep LWVCT active and visible.  Your choice, one or both, and we thank you in advance for whatever you choose.
LWVCT depends on gifts to our Education Fund to finance voter education and outreach. This year, a gift to the LWVCT's Education Fund will:
  • Create smartphone-friendly voter guides for Connecticut residents
  • Ensure citizens in Connecticut cities and towns have access to voting resources like our recent collaboration with Bridgeport Votes.
  • Help us meet the needs of CT communities through translation of voter resources
  • Support local leagues through our mini-grant program to expand their visibility and voter services
Your gift, large or small, joins with the gifts of our supporters and League of Women Voters of Connecticut members across the state to keep our organization running strong all year long.  Please help us by making your donation at http://www.lwvct.org/donateonline.html
We are looking for activists to help on our wide range of issues that LWVCT has position on.  We would like to step up our advocacy as we move into the 2018 General Assembly session in February. 
Let us know what issue(s) you are passionate about.  We will link you to a new or ongoing opportunity to make your voice heard while helping LWVCT Public Issues Team have greater impact.
If you have a very limited amount of time to be involved, we hope you have joined the LWVCT 10-minute Activists.  Fill this form:  http://www.lwvct.org/files/10-minute_activist_form.pdf  and email to:   lwvctpresident@aol.com
LWVCT is forming an Ad hoc committee on redistricting and gerrymandering in preparation for post 2020 census redistricting. If you are interested in joining this committee let us know. Generally, the meetings will be teleconferences, although, if there is a large enough group in one area, we may meet in person.