Help Build a National Memorial Dedicated to American Suffragists

For 72 years women lobbied, paraded, met, and wrote giving voice to the movement to give women the right to vote.  Some endured brutal imprisonment.  

The Turning Point Suffragist Memorial Association in partnership with the US League, the Virginia League and the Fairfax League are raising funds to build a national memorial to the American suffragists.

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Volunteers Needed Nov. 3 to Distribute Voters Guides at Polling Stations

Voter Services needs early morning and late afternoon volunteers at all three polling stations.  Please contact  Sandy Tarpinian  or  Grace Rissetto  if you can help out.  This is one of the League's most visible aspects of community service - please help out.

REMINDER:  Nov 8 National Issues Informational Forum on Amending the Constitution

"Is it Time to Consider a Constitutional Convention and The Process of Amending the Constitution?"

Sunday, November 8
3 - 4:30 p.m.
Falls Church Community Center
223 Little Falls Street 

The keynote speaker will be Thomas H. Neale, a specialist in American national government with the Library of Congress's Congressional Research Service.  The forum will explore Article V of the Constitution, which provides methods of amending the nation's fundamental charter.  Neal will review the path that was used for the 27 amendments that were previously ratified and also the convention method for proposing amendments.

Suffragette Movie Opening at Agelika in Mosaic District/Merrifield

This weekend's limited release showings of Suffragette will likely determine the national distribution for the film.  If the weekend's box office receipts are lackluster, the film will not stay in theaters very long.  

The movie tells the story of the British suffragette movement.  This is a story of empowerment that needs to be told, both the historical aspect and to create a connection to the tie-ins with today's lingering inequalities (pay gaps, under representation on boards, in elected office, etc.)

The all-female production team needs big box office receipts to assure the story is seen and heard across the country.

  • Angelika Film Center (Falls Church, VA)
  • ArcLight (Bethesda, MD)
  • E-Street Cinema (DC)
Other cities with showings include Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, San Francisco, and Phoenix.

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Absentee Ballots Now Available on-line!

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