LWVO Action Alert: Urge Ohio Legislators To Protect Clean Energy

Dear  ,

The Ohio Legislature is on the verge of passing bills to discourage clean energy  (SB 320 and HB 554). LVWO is urging no votes. If these bills pass, Ohio will require neither new renewable energy nor additional energy until 2020. Defeat of these bills means restoring the state's commitment to clean energy.

LWVO has expressed our concern to governor Kasich and legislative leadership, and we are presenting testimony on our opposition to legislative committees.

Now we need you to add your voice to the call for action.  Your electric bill tells you how little clean energy is costing. We know the benefits of clean air and the dangers of climate change.

Click here to type in your zip code and send a message to your State Representative and Senator.

Message:  We urge you to reaffirm Ohio's commitment to clean energy and the many jobs that it creates. Please vote no on HB 554 and SB 320.

Thank you for taking action!

LWVO Advocacy Team

League of Women Voters of Ohio | 614-469-1505 | www.lwvohio.org