From the Desk of the Co-Presidents

Dear League Family,

Over the last few years our state League has gone through a number of changes as we grow our membership and our advocacy impact, and now we are approaching another time of change.

Our long-time executive director, Carrie Davis, will be leaving in mid-December. We wish her the best as she continues her leadership on democracy issues at the Joyce Foundation. We also extend profound thanks for her leadership over the last six years.

It is a bittersweet moment, to be sure. We have accomplished much in the last six years:
  • We co-founded the Fair Districts = Fair Elections coalition that led a successful grassroots campaign to pass state Issue 1 in 2015 to reform state redistricting and are currently leading a strong initiative campaign for congressional redistricting reform.
  • We were a plaintiff in a successful lawsuit to keep evening and weekend early voting.
  • We pushed back against the wrongful purging of eligible voters and led outreach to get those voters re-registered in time to vote.
  • Membership is on the rise and we have new local Leagues and units joining the League family.
  • Our reputation and effectiveness in the state legislature is first-rate.
  • Our professional office staff and budget have grown, allowing the state League to provide more services and support to members, local Leagues, and the public.
  • Staff members have also developed professionally, becoming highly effective in advocacy, outreach and membership management.  Their contributions will be invaluable during the transition to new leadership.
  • We have maintained a freeze on state membership dues, while growing and diversifying our funding from other sources. We professionalized our fundraising by hiring a development director and launching the Inspire Leadership Fund to support future growth and sustainability.
  • We moved to using Vote411 to publish the voters' guide, and the state League has taken on the responsibility of providing coverage for state and federal legislative races in parts of Ohio not currently served by a local League - expanding our unbiased voter service coverage to all parts of the state.
These achievements would not have been realized without the help of League leaders, staff, volunteers, and donors. You have made this growth possible, and we want to assure you that it will continue.

The LWVO Board has formed a search committee to identify and welcome a new Executive Director. We are confident our next leader will build on the success we've had and keep us moving forward, stronger than ever. We will be posting the position soon and encourage you to share it with strong candidates.

To ensure a smooth transition and the consistent level of service LWVO is known for, Carrie is staying with us into December and working with the LWVO Board to complete some projects and shift responsibilities to an interim director who will lead the office until a new permanent ED joins us.

Carrie would also like to convey how much the League means to her:

"No other organization in the country has such incredibly dedicated members, who give so generously of their time, talents, and treasure in the pursuit of making democracy work. This work is so deeply meaningful to me, and it is incredibly difficult to leave. I have so much love for the people here, and I am deeply honored to have served with all you."

If you would like to join us in thanking Carrie for her leadership, donations in her honor can be made here to support LWVO's continued growth and leadership.

Yours In League, 

Alison Ricker and Mary Kirtz Van Nortwick
LWVO Co-Presidents
League of Women Voters of Ohio | 614-469-1505 |