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February 8, 2011
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Beautification Day
Rafting and Zipline
Easter at Lake Junaluska
TIMS Gathering
SURGE into Missions
African-American Clergy Retreat
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Lake Junaluska

Beautification Day

April 5, 2011

During Lake Junaluska Beautification Day, April 5, 2011, volunteers and staff will significantly add to the natural beauty of this place we all love so much. We hope to complete low-cost high-impact projects such as trimming bushes, sweeping sidewalks, raking up leaves, power washing signs, and much more. Lake Junaluska is one of the most beautiful places in all of God's creation. Let's work in partnership with God to enhance the natural beauty of this place by engaging in Lake Junaluska Beautification Day.  READ MORE

Whitewater Rafting and Zipline Adventures


Looking for an exciting rafting or zipline trip this spring? Lake Junaluska partners with the best whitewater rafting and ziplining companies around. With packages starting as low as $105 per person, there is a trip that can accommodate any group.These packages include lodging, meals, and rafting on the river of your choice. 


Easter at Lake Junaluska

easter promo 

Lake Junaluska Conference and Retreat Center invites you to a weekend of events celebrating the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, April 22-24, 2011.  


Lake Junaluska is looking forward to the celebration of Easter this year, and anticipating a meaningful experience for all. Please join us for any of this year's worship opportunities. Other events will take place over the weekend, including several opportunities for families, such as the Easter egg hunt and picnic, and the 5k/10k Bunny Run. 



TIMS Gathering
Lake Junaluska Sunset
April 11-14 
This is an annual gathering of Interim Ministry pastors who have completed all three phases of the Intentional Interim Ministry Trainings for the purpose of continuing education, networking, reaffirmation, and growth.  READ MORE
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SURGE into Missions: Summer retreats with purpose
SURGE 2011

June - July 2011  

In 2011, MYP at Lake Junaluska is expanding its summer programming to include mission work. Youth will have opportunities to think, learn, and experience what it means to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with God. This is Luke will be the summer worship band, and featured speakers include Rev. Brad Butler, Jonathan Spangler, Rev. Stephanie Hand, Rev. Alan Mears, Rev. Lisa Yebuah, Rev. Andy Lambert, Rev. Jasmine Smothers, and Celia Whitler. For more information, visit  

African-American Clergy retreat helps organize successful church ministries
African-American Clergy Leadership

April 4-6, 2011 

The 2011 African-American Clergy Leadership Retreat, "Bringing it All Together: Organizing Your Church for Successful Ministry," April 4-6, 2011, will offer techniques and strategies for pastors to become effective administrators and organizers of the church's ministry.


The Rev. Junius B. Dotson and Michelle Whittaker will provide leadership. The Rev. Dotson, Senior Pastor of St. Mark UMC in Wichita, Kansas, will discuss how to organize congregations into a fellowship of people who work effectively and purposefully together. In addition, Michelle Whittaker, the Digital Communications Director for The United Methodist General Board of Church and Society, will focus upon approaches pastors can use to establish social justice ministries within their churches by demonstrating ways pastors can utilize social media interaction, website development, audio-visual and other technological resources to create ministries that address social justice issues within one's community.



Find out more
  • Ebony Youth Retreat - Registration open until February 18, 2011. This weekend retreat will provide a space for African-American youth to discover, explore, and celebrate the various forms of ministry within the United Methodist Church. READ MORE  
  • Caring for Creation - Change the way you think about going green! Learn about God's mission to care for the Earth, visit a sustainable community, worship, and share green ideas with others. Scholarships are available! READ MORE  
  • Confirmation at Lake Junaluska - Our whole weekend will be focused on 5 key words: Prayers, Presence, Gifts, Services, and Witness. READ MORE 
Leading the Middle Size Church
July 25-28 
Leading the Middle Size Church seminar will identify and examine the unique characteristics of the mid-size (100-250 average worship) church. Many clergy find that they must redefine their role as pastor in the mid-size church due to its increasing demands and complexities. READ MORE
Lake Junaluska Upcoming Events
Full calendar of events can be found at 
February - July

2/11 - 2/13    MYP INFUSE VI 
2/18 - 2/21    MYP INFUSE VII - President's Weekend 
2/24 - 2/26    Native American Leadership Retreat 
3/18 - 3/20    Confirmation Retreat 1, 2011 
3/18 - 3/20    Ebony Youth Christian Vocation Exploration Retreat 
3/20 - 3/25    Road Scholar: Appalachian Literature 2011 
3/25 - 3/27    Confirmation Retreat 2, 2011 
3/27 - 4/1      Road Scholar: Explore the Cherokee 2011 
3/31 - 4/3      Caring for Creation 
4/1 - 4/3        Confirmation Retreat 3, 2011 
4/4 - 4/6        African-American Clergy Leadership Retreat 
4/8 - 4/10      Confirmation Retreat 4, 2011 
4/10 - 4/15    Road Scholar: Culture of the Southern Appalachians 2011 
4/22 - 4/24    Easter at Lake Junaluska 
5/1 - 5/6        Road Scholar: The Life and Times of Teddy Roosevelt 
5/15 - 5/18     Road Scholar: Inside Great Smoky Mnts. National Park 2011 
6/16- 6/19      SURGE into Missions: Weekend 1
6/19 - 6/24     Music and Worship Arts Week
6/23 - 6/26     SURGE into Missions: Weekend 2
6/24 - 6/26     Native American Summer Conference
6/30 - 7/3       Rekindling the Flame of the Laity Conference
7/3 - 7/4         Lake Junaluska Singers Concerts
7/3 - 7/4         Independence Day Celebrations
7/3 - 7/7         Youth in Missions
7/7 - 7/10       SURGE into Missions: Weekend 4
7/10 - 7/14     SURGE into Missions: Week 2
7/10 - 7/14     SOULfeast
7/13 - 7/15     African-American Preaching Summit
7/14 - 7/17     SURGE into Missions: Weekend 5
7/17 - 7/21     SURGE into Missions: Week 3
7/24 - 7/27     Road Scholar: Folkmoot USA 2011
7/25 - 7/28     Leading the Middle Size Church
7/27 - 7/31     Sacred / Liturgical Dance
7/31 - 8/3       Road Scholar: Cherokee 2011
7/31 - 8/2       Lake Junaluska Ministry Summit
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