June 2014
Lake Ontario Offshore Racing

We are excited to announce that the 2014 sailing season is officially underway. While not the winds we are typically used to, the Susan Hood Trophy Race was certainly filled with  challenging sailing conditions. The Friday night start to the Race was light and variable and although Ron Bianchi warned us of the impending light winds and holes in the middle of the Lake, no one really expected or wanted it to come to fruition. Hour by hour, boats inched along. Fortunately though, Sunday brought better conditions for the first LOSHRS race and participants enjoyed an excellent steady breeze that held throughout the race.


Congratulations to all trophy and division winners in both races, an excellent way to start the year.

Also, we would like to make special mention of some rooky winners in the Susan Hood Trophy Race. This year's Susan Hood Trophy Winner  BCT-PHRF-FS is Out of Bounds skippered by Terry Wagg and this year's George McCloy Trophy (wheel) for White Sail overall BCT, Carina skippered by Lorraine Bader, both were both first timer's to this race.


Our committee members are looking forward to our Youngstown LOSHRS race this weekend with all festivities starting Friday evening. It is not too late to sign up for this weekend race or for the rest of the series.  We hope to see everyone at the start line.


Fast sailing,

Joe Doris

Chair, Lake Ontario Offshore Racing



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LOSHRS Youngstown Weekend Race  June 14th  & 15th



Weekend start Friday June 13 with a special presentation by our guest speaker - professional ocean racer Damian Foxall

Damian will have an exciting presentation on our environment touching on past highlights from being one of the most experienced offshore racing sailors in the world. He has logged over 350,000 nautical miles during 9 round the world races, 18 Trans-Atlantic races and the Americas Cup. His most recent victory came as a watch captain aboard Groupama, winner of the exciting 2011-12 Volvo Ocean Race.  More details


Time - Join us at PCYC for a Friday night dinner on June 13. LOSHRS Skippers meeting starts at 19:30, followed by guest presenter Damian Foxall, at approximately 20:00.

Fee - no cost to attend Damian's presentation; a voluntary and modest donation to CWF is requested.


Check-in at 19:00

Skippers Meeting for Race #2 & #3 at Friday June 13th 19:30 at PCYC.

First Gun is 09:55 Saturday Jun 14th


For more information contact: Fred Harding


Youngstown Race Details

The race to Youngstown is coming up quickly. Hopefully there will be a nice breeze to get us there and back safely. There are a few items that have to be taken care of prior to that weekend.


Pre-arrival document. Please have them sent by noon June 11.

Once completed please send to BUFFALO-BOATS@cbp.dhs.gov


If your boat is over 30' you need a decal for it to enter the U.S. The website is https://dtops.cbp.dhs.gov/

Remember to take your passport or other documents to clear customs at Youngstown.


Dinner and breakfast at Youngstown.

Dinner service will start at 19:30 and will continue until 21:30 approx.


Dinner is $35.00

Entr�e Choices:

  • Chicken Marsala - Saut�ed boneless Chicken Breast, topped with a Mushroom and Marsala Demi-GlazeTwelve-Ounce
  • New York Strip Steak - Charbroiled and served over a Red Wine Demi-Glaze, topped with Saut�ed Garlic Mushrooms and crispy fried Onions
  • Salmon - Grilled Salmon Fillet, Chef's choice of topping, Roasted Baby Red Potatoes, Chef's Choice Vegetable


Breakfast Starts at 7 AM


Breakfast is $10.00

Buffet style with eggs, bacon, sausages, pastries etc.


For the dinner and breakfast, please email Mac Mckenzie at seaworthy@rogers.com

Put YYC as the subject.

Give your choice of dinner and how many of each.

How many for breakfast. Give your boat name

Please send this by end of day June 11. After June 11 there will be no guarantee of meals.


89 boats registers, 87 boats started and 

65 boats finished a classic Susan Hood Trophy Race. This  may be one of the slowest races in its almost 60 year history; with only two boats in PHRF and one boat in IRC recording an elapsed finishing time under 24 hours and the rest of the race finishing under 27 hours elapsed time. You can be sure that it produced some interesting results on corrected time.


Unlike previous races that started under light and variable wind conditions, the wind in year's race did not pick up at either turning mark or anywhere in between. No significant storms, not many clouds to speak of either. Constantly shifting the wind provided an excellent challenge that kept everyone on their toes looking for an advantage on the fleet.

Due to the late finishing times we regret not being able to have a flag ceremony, but I know that everyone stopping into the club enjoyed the great Yacht Dogs provided by Sperry Top-Sider. Most boats did not provision for Saturday night dinners let alone lunches, which made a shoreline meal like this extra special.

Our plan is to hand out the division flags at this year's Lake Ontario 300 Post Race ceremony on Tuesday July 15th


Many pictures have already been posted on the LOOR Facebook page capturing the essence of this special race.


Congratulations to all our flag winners, division winners and trophy winners. Results can be seen on Yacht Scoring.


Congratulations to this year's Susan Hood Trophy Race winner Out of Bounds, an O'Day 322 from Hamilton Bay Sailing Club skippered by Terry Wagg. We asked Terry to give us a quick re-cap of the race and his crew:


My wife Pam and I met through the Hamilton Bay Sailing Club about 10 years ago. Three years ago we bought our boat in Milford CT, sailed it home and renamed it 'Out of Bounds' which seemed to capture our lives, pretty much living just outside the norm. It's an O'Day 322 but nothing special about it as far as racing trim goes, it's mostly a cruiser.
As for our crew, we added another keen sailing couple, Kevin and Cheryl Soldaat who along with our super adventurer friend, Adam Mitchell, round out the group who were there from the beginning to bring the boat home. The last on the crew is Mike Thomlinson who we all know from HBSC. Mike is the only guy I know who spends more time on the water than I do, mostly racing Sharks. Mike is also the only member of our crew who had any experience in the Susan Hood and also the person responsible for convincing me that we should enter. (this wasn't a tough task for him)
Our experience with this race? None whatsoever. In fact, this was the first time we have ever raced with 'Out of Bounds' but that's not to say that we are new to sailing it to its full potential. Our racing experience comes entirely from Albacore sailing. Pam and I as well as Kevin and Cheryl have placed well in provincial and national regattas over the last ten years. Currently most of our racing is confined to club racing within HBSC where we are the reigning champions. The Susan Hood was an opportunity to branch out into the Lake with larger boats. When dinghy racing it's all about speed and we easily converted sail trim tactics to the larger boat.
For a brief explanation about our race, like all sailing regatta's it's about mark rounding. We knew going into this we had the second highest PHRF rating which told me that we just have to be in with the fleet and we are doing well. Friday night, like everyone else, was a bit of a drift to the mark. As we rounded the tower we took room on two other boats and looking back was a sea of red and green, we were in definitely in the middle of the pack. The dawn brought more stable winds and we were able to maintain a reasonable speed. At the Niagara mark we again ducked inside two boats and at this time we were checking the numbers and could tell that there were at least 4 boats in our class behind us. We managed to keep up on them and even pull away a little until the wind pretty much died completely. We have a fat wing keel that works very well on a close reach in good wind but with barely a puff it doesn't exactly slice through the water. The boats we had passed or at least kept up with slowly moved on ahead of us. We were not thinking so much of winning at this time, it was more of hope that we would actually finish before Sunday morning. I recall at one time the ETA on the GPS was 11am. on Sunday. We did manage to keep the boat steadily moving and eventually crossed the finish line but now there were only 3 boats behind us. I didn't realize just how close we were in time to the fleet until I read the results on Sunday morning. This brought huge excitement amongst the crew, we could barely believe it.
I have attached a pic of myself and crew psyching ourselves up a couple hours before the race on Friday. Cheryl is unfortunately taking the picture and not in it.


The Out of Bounds crew



2014 Susan Hood Trophy Race




Skipper / Owner

Susan Hood Cup

PHRF-FS-LO Overall

Out of Bounds


Terry Wagg

Commonwealth Trophy

PHRF 1 Division Winner



Pierre Savard

White Hawk Trophy

PHRF 2 Division Winner

Old School

Maple Leaf Club

Tim McNerney

Dave Heron Trophy

PHRF 3 Division Winner



Eric Neate

George McCloy Bowl

PHRF 4 Division Winner

Out of Bounds


Terry Wagg

Snail's Pace Trophy

PHRF 5 NO Division




George McCloy Trophy (Wheel)

PHRF Whitesail BCT



Lorraine Bader

JJ Morch Rosebowl

IRC Overall BCT



Roger Ryall

Memorial Cup

IRC 1 Div Winner



Roger Ryall

John Watson Crossbow Trophy

IRC 2 Div Winner

Five Fifteen

Highland Yacht Club

Jim McGuinness

Lou Winters Trophy

IRC 3 Div Winner



Leszek Siek

Bob Bugbee Defiant ll Trophy

PHRF DH Flying Sails


Alexandra Yacht Club

Stephen Brown

Jim Johnstone SH Trophy

PHRF DH No Flying Sails



Ted Spanos


PHRF-FS - Single Handed



Brent Hughes

LOSHRS Race # 1 Course Race


Congratulations to all racers on Sunday's 14 mile race that started at PCYC and finished at Gibraltar Buoy, via a mark placed west of PCYC.

59 boats were on the start line for an excellent day of sailing, even after the marathon of a Susan Hood Race finishing Saturday night.

Results are posted on Yacht Scoring.


The following is a re-cap from Brayden Woods - Paladen PCYC


Getting the boat ready for the start the season has always been a challenge. With a 24 hour Susan Hood the day before. I was tired, the boat was a mess, and suddenly I'm back on the water again with a warm cup of coffee in hand. This spring was not the easiest for preparing boats, and I'm sure that many of us were still wondering about settings, tuning and trim.

As we entered our starting sequence, familiar boats came out from the fleet and the hunt began. I knew we should start at the pin, downwind on starboard. Then gybe to port and hoist the Spinnaker. With a quick glance it was clear that either Jamie MacCorkindale on 'Chariot' or I were going to get there. Jamie did a fantastic job at being that boat, we were abreast of him charging evenly. Not a bad start, but far from perfect. To add insult to injury Jamie was very quick to get his spinnaker up after the gybe and squirted ahead to an early lead. That distance didn't change all the way to the Clarkson Turning Mark.


My sister and I, not happy at being slow with our hoist, talked about the spinnaker douse well ahead of time. I wasn't tired from the Susan Hood anymore. With room to the mark, we doused without any issues and hardened up our course. We had to clear the fleet of spinnakers that were headed into Clarkson so for a moment Jamie and I were both sailing perpendicular to the Gibraltar finish. Both boats tacked to Starboard at about the same time, and the race started all over again, with Murray Gainer ('Lively') hot on our heels.

The next ten miles was a game of subtlety changing gears to deal with the building waves. The three of us were not about to give quarter. I can only imagine the conversations on all of the boats must have been the same. The three boats are very different designs. We observed that Chariot didn't slap as hard as we did, and was better at keeping a higher course in the choppy conditions. So we trimmed for a little more power, and kept a slightly lower course - the same as 'Lively' did. Once we were in flatter water under the shelter of land, we started to finally make gains. When we tacked out to Gibraltar, we crossed ahead of Chariot. Another short tack gave us the gun, 'Chariot' crossed second, and 'Lively' third.


To win the race, we had to win the start. We didn't. With ratings applied we came 3rd. We didn't have a perfect race, and obviously have to knock the rust off of our crew work. But we did get our first ever 'line honours' in LOSHRS, and Race 1 has never given us a podium finish before. So we are hopeful for the season. The long winter hibernation from my favorite series is finally over.


Customized Apparel Draw:

Congratulations to "Three Cheers", Corsair 27, skippered by Chris Ufton from Etobicoke Yacht Club for winning this year's SHTR draw. The crew of Three Cheers will all received Skippers shirts with the boats name embroidered on them.







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The Lake Ontario Offshore Racing Group is responsible for the planning of the Lake Ontario 300 Challenge, the Susan Hood Trophy Race and the Lake Ontario Short Handed Racing Series under the organizing authority of the Port Credit Yacht Club.