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Real Estate in Lake Tahoe continues to amaze me.  We have an increasing interest from buyers who want to own a home in Lake Tahoe on both sides of the state line.  It would be great if we could find a home for everyone looking, but that's not the case.  Our inventory of homes for sale is at an all time low.This has created a market where there are a lot of cash offers and many multiple offers.  Those that don't get the home they want the first time around are hanging in there and watching my "instant notification system"closely so they can make an offer quickly and be in the game.

In order to accommodate everyone I am going to soon add search tools for the Carson Valley on my website.  In the meantime, if you're interested in real estate located down in the valley (Reno, Carson City, Minden, Gardnerville), I will set you up to receive new listing notifications there too.

There continues to be more activity on the higher end market of homes for sale. In March there were 17 home sales on the Nevada side.  The median selling price was $940,000 since the lowest price was $249,000 and the highest was $3,675,000. In fact, just about half of the homes sold were over $1,000,000! On the California side we saw more sales (56) with the median price of $349,000.

See my article below on a new feature I added to my website.  I think you'll find it helpful in understanding all of the Lake Tahoe neighborhoods. 

Current Lake Tahoe, California Real Estate Figures

                                                          March '13          Previous 12 months

Median Sales Price      $349,000               $245,525 
Closed Sales            56               766
Inventory of Homes for Sale          233               355
New Listings               81               912
Month's Supply             3.6                5.2
Homes Priced (sales figures for the last 12 months):

$299,887 and below 
Sales up 11.9 %
$299,888 to $434,999  Sales up 11.3 %
$435,000 to $649,999 
Sales up 25.3 %
$650,000 and above
Sales up 26.5 %

We continue to see increased sales in the higher priced homes on the California side of South Lake Tahoe.  Home sales for the last year are up and we are seeing a continuous decline in sales of the lowest range (those priced under $299,887). We've seen a 23.1% drop in new home listings in this price over the last year, and when coupled with a 11.9% increase in sales it leaves a fewer number of homes for sale. I predict we'll see more of the same as we come into the summer months. 

Lake Tahoe Neighborhoods

I will continue to update our neighborhood pages and stories in order to give our readers and home buyers the information they need about each area.  As mentioned last month, I created video reviews on each neighborhood and I am now highlighting neighborhoods in my weekly blogs.  This gives you better insight into the area with information and sales figures. 
You can view them in two places: neighborhood description page and neighborhood video page .  
My latest neighborhood reviews:  Heavenly ValleyTahoe Keys, Montgomery Estates and Kingsbury Grade.

Dan's Lake Tahoe Favorite Business for the Month of April

My favorite business isn't actually a business, it's the Lake Tahoe Business Referral Network.  This is a group of local business owners who's goal is to build trust and relationships so that they'll know the businesses they can then refer their friends and clients to. The group has a commitment to the highest level of integrity and customer service.  

How does this help you?  You can use their list of businesses when in Lake Tahoe so that you'll know who to know and trust when getting appliances repaired, buying a car, getting glass and doors, where to buy meat and seafood and chocolates and much more.  

I also have a business directory on my website. 

Dan's Preview-Review of Tahoe Homes for Sale
I am continuing to offer the "Dan's Preview Review" service for my clients.  If you find a Tahoe home for sale that you're interested in, contact me and I'll provide a video review with narration...it will be like you're there touring the house yourself! Many buyers are looking for a 2nd home and aren't in town to actually view it themselves. They are finding this service quite helpful in their search of real estate in South Lake Tahoe. 

Thank you, 

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