Real Estate in Lake Tahoe continues to amaze me.  We have an increasing interest from buyers who want to own a home in Lake Tahoe on both sides of the state line.  It would be great if we could find a home for everyone looking, but that's not the case.  We have seen an increase of homes on the market but we're still at a very low inventory of homes for sale. Many are finding a home to purchase by watching my "instant notification system"closely so they can be prepared to make an offer when a good opportunity comes up. 

In order to accommodate everyone I have added search tools for the Carson Valley towns of MindenGardnerville, Carson City and Reno, Nevada on my website. You can still find a 3 bedroom/2 bathroom home in these areas for under $200,000, something you can't find in Lake Tahoe. For an investor, the Carson Valley makes sense. 

There continues to be more activity on the higher end market of homes for sale. In June there were 8 home sales on the Nevada side of South Lake Tahoe. The median selling price was $912,500. In fact, half of the homes sold were over $1,000,000! On the California side we saw most sales in the price ranges under $435,000(42).  

See my article below on a new feature I added to my website.  I think you'll find it helpful in understanding all of the Lake Tahoe neighborhoods. 

Current South Lake Tahoe, California Real Estate Figures

                                           June, 2013               June, 2012

Median Sales Price      $339,500  ^          $227,500
Closed Sales            58                84
Inventory of Homes for Sale         363               427
New Listings              126       ^               111
Month's Supply             5.7                6.8
Homes Priced (sales figures for the last 12 months):

$300.000 and below 
Sales down 62.5%
$300,000 to $435,000 Sales up 31.3%
$435,000 to $650,000
Sales up 10%
$650,000 and above
Sales up 150 %

We continue to see increased sales in homes on the California side of South Lake Tahoe except at the lowest price range. There aren't many homes for sale in that category so we expect to see reducing number of sales. We've also seen more homes enter the market at these higher ranges now that sellers are having more confidence that their homes will sell.  

Lake Tahoe Neighborhoods

I continue to update our neighborhood pages and information in order to give our readers and home buyers the information they need about each area.  As mentioned last month, I created video reviews on each neighborhood and I am now highlighting neighborhoods in my weekly blogs.  This gives you better insight into the area with information and sales figures.  I've also added a "Lake Tahoe Buyer's Guide" that can be viewed and printed.
You can view them in two places: neighborhood description page and neighborhood video page .  
My latest neighborhood reviews:  Tahoe KeysRound Hill,  Al Tahoe and Highland Woods

Dan's Lake Tahoe Favorite Business for the Month of July

My favorite business for the month is Big Blue Concierge.   With 34 years of Lake Tahoe experience they can help you with all of your Lake Tahoe needs, from home services to tips on what to do over the weekend. How does this help you?  As a 2nd home owner, new resident, local or visitor, Big Blue Concierge will help you get to know Lake Tahoe.
Owner Paula Peterson has created a brand new free Lake Tahoe App that gives you your own "Concierge in Your Pocket." Learn about what's going on when you're here, where to hike, bike, eat, enjoy history and enjoy the water. Another good benefit is a directory of businesses that may be needed by 2nd home owners.  Available on the Apple App Store (bigbluec) or for androids at google play (big blue concierge). 

Take advantage of their concierge services of personal itineraries, booking tours , making reservations, helping with large group plans, etc.  Contact them by phone at 530-307-0909 or by email.

Dan's Preview-Review of Tahoe Homes for Sale
I am continuing to offer the "Dan's Preview Review" service for my clients.  If you find a Tahoe home for sale that you're interested in, contact me and I'll provide a video review with audio narration...it will be like you're there touring the house yourself! Many buyers are looking for a 2nd home and aren't in town to actually view it themselves. They are finding this service quite helpful in their search of real estate in South Lake Tahoe. 

Thank you, 

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