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Now available on Kindle & in the shop.  Wholesome Christian parable of salvation.
Coloring Book Style


Supporting Mission Crafters World Wide

Heart of the Shepherd supports artisans around the world by returning 100% of the proceeds to missions, missionaries and crafters in impoverished communities from many nations.


Visit our face book page for these artisans, then stop by the store to support these missions:

Heart of the Shepherd's Mission Shop Facebook Page 




Shepherd's Cross yarn is the only Animal Welfare Approved sheep yarn raised in the state of Oklahoma & Made in Oklahoma.  Warm, lovely fiber for that special knitting project.

Shepherd's Cross takes SNAP
Food Stamps
Now Taking SNAP  for farm fresh produce, AWA lamb meat (NO CHEMICALS), Amish jams, dried fruit, farm honey, nuts, health foods and much more!
No chemicals
All natural
No hormones
8:30 - 5:30
or by appt.
Visit our Etsy
Online Wool Shop
featuring 90 items

Visit our OK Food Coop Online Store
Featuring over 100 items
Round Bales of Hay
no chemicals used - natural
Interns Needed
Now taking applications for summer internship. 

Volunteers & Donations Welcome
We love our volunteers & donors! 
Thank you!
Without you we would not have the opportunity to share the Word of the Lord with our community and beyond.
Thank you!
We are currently accepting donations for the summer Barn Sale for Missions.

Once again, we just helped to send an a container to an Orphanage in Malawi, Africa. 
Bible Study
Now Available on Kindle & at Shepherd's Shop   $7.77

A Four Session Short Course

"Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world."

 Lamb of God Tour - Africa Missions

 Saturday, September 6th            12:00 pm - 2:00pm

Come on out & hear the heart warming testimonies of faith from Africa & beyond as Heart of the Shepherd shares mission trip experiences from the Lamb of God Tour
  • Enjoy an authentic African meal (and a few American extras!)
  • Nations included in the tour: South Africa, Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, Wales & England
  • Bring the family - all ages welcome
  • Hear about the widow Margaret's faith as she raised five children from income earned spinning wool on a spinning wheel
  • Hear about Alice's baby, living his testimonial life, that doctors said he would not have
  • Nomadic Maasai shepherding
  • Wool Mill established
  • Veterinary & Animal Husbandry Training Programs
  • Our lives touched & changed forever
  • No charge - donations excepted



Festive Fall on the Farm

Pumpkin Festival 

 . . . . 22 years of Celebrating the Lord of the Harvest

Drop by the farm with just a few folks

Thursday, Fridays & Saturdays October 1 - 30      9:00 am - 6:30 pm


Groups - please pre-schedule early.  Groups may schedule Tues thru Sat.


Pumpkins - Games - Hayrides - Museum - Stories - Farm Animal Petting Zoo - Pumpkins Galore & so much more!!

 Click here for more information



Fiber Day Retreats


Wet (Wool) Fiber Processing Day Retreat
Wash - Dye - Wet Felt
September 13 2014
8:30 am - 3:30 pm
Cost $54
Students will learn basic wool washing and dying, as well
as wet felting via table top and machine methods. Each
participant will take home at least two finished products.
Cost: $54 - that is 20% off compared to paying for each
class on an individual basis; fiber is included. Bring a sack
lunch. We provide snacks and beverages at two break
times. Class minimum of two people. Class max of 10
people. Our classes go a step further than regular classes
- we teach some history of fiber arts and practical do it
yourself technology.

Dry (Wool) Fiber Processing Day Retreat
Drop Spindle - Spin - Card - Pick
Friday, September 19, 2014
8:30 - 3:30
Cost $54
Students learn how to work with dry fiber in the arts of
carding, drop spindle, and spinning wheel.  We teach more
than the basics - includes tour of the Farm Museum and
history of the fiber arts. Cost: $54 - that is 10% off
compared to paying for each class on an individual basis;
plus the cost of the fiber (estimated $12). Bring a sack
lunch. We provide snacks and beverages at two break
times. Class minimum of two people. Class max of 10
people. Our classes go a step farther than regular classes
- we teach some history of fiber arts, and not just the how
to - so in carding this involves picking with hand picks and
the table pick and carding with hand carders and the table
carder etc. as well as Biblical correlations


Registration Form Click Here

 Spin & Knit-In Saturday September 13th 2:00 - 4:00

Bring your projects & friends 

Share fellowship - rest - encouragement

"Busy hands - happy heart!



Rogers County Fair

New Wool Divisions Added this year!

We are so excited about these new divisions for exhibiting your hand made wool products!  What a blessing!  Take your precious hand made items to the fair this year, and increase awareness in our community about the wonders of wool, and take some ribbons home! 


The Rogers County Free Fair begins with taking entries on Tuesday, Sept 9 from 2 to 7 p.m.  There are special entry times for animals etc.  If you want to look at the complete Rogers County Free Fair book, go to this website.
The wool category is under the Open Class - Home Economics division. It is Section 117 - !00% wool and has the following classes:
1. Flat Felted Wool Project
    A. Felting on a backing material
    B. Felting without a backing material (all wool)
    C. Felted 3-D
    D. felted over knit, crochet or weave
2.  Finished work Project
    A. Knit
    B. Crochet
    C.  Woven
3.  Wool stuffed Project-item to be made and stuffed with 100% wool (might include such items as pillow, stuffed animal and door stoppers)


The judging will be on Wednesday, Sept 10. After judging, the superintendents will need to display the entries.  There will be tables and lattice work for display.  After the items are displayed and all the paperwork finished, the superintendents will be free until entries are released on Sunday, Sept 14 from 1-3 p.m.
The Fair will be open to the public beginning at 9 a.m. Thursday; and will be open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. 

Weaving Retreats - 201 & 301

Coming in November

Weaving 201 - Weaving on a harnessed loom - Learn weaving on a loom with a harness. Each participant will take home a finished product. Cost: $133 Fiber is included.

Weaving 301 - Weaving on a harnessed floor loom - We will learn weaving on a loom with a harness. This is a three day class. Each participant will take home a finished product. Cost: $233 Fiber is included.

  • No hidden fees, rental fees or material fees. All are included.
  • Weaving 101 is prerequisite for 201; 201 prerequisite for 301           (or comparable class)


Shepherding the Flock, for The Great Shepherd
Dr. Diane Dickinson,
President & Director,  Heart of the Shepherd & Shepherd's Cross

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