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Tom Neary
Thomas J. Neary

Lamp Community announces the appointment of Thomas Neary and LaMae Weber to the agency's Board of Directors. 

Tom Neary is Vice President, Director of Business Development for Morley Builders, a Santa Monica-based employee-owned general contractor with an approximate annual volume of $300 million. Mr. Neary joined Morley Builders in 1997.

He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Urban Studies from the University of Nebraska. His focus was on in-fill housing design standards and the adaptive reuse of older urban industrial and commercial structures for residential and mixed-use development.

Following a tour with the U.S. Peace Corps in Latin America, Tom has spent the majority of his career working in real estate planning, design and construction in both the public and private sectors. He has been primarily involved in institutional and residential development, including award-winning historic preservation projects.



LaMae Weber
LaMae Weber


LaMae Weber, Dream Warrior Group's entrepreneurial CEO, is a force to be reckoned with. Whether Weber is presenting breaking trends on the web at a conference in China or managing field office operations for a national environmental consulting firm, her commitment to excellence sets her apart from the rest of the field. Since joining Dream Warrior Group (DWG) in 2003, Weber has increased business revenue and facilitated growth of the staff over 600%. She is a sought-after speaker at Arts Reach and regional social media marketing events and routinely makes presentation on Information, Training, Contributions and Marketing.


Managing teams of multi-disciplinary experts of IT, Web development, and social marketing for over 50 clients, Weber developed the company's three- year growth plan and completed the first Content Management Service & System for Performing Art Organizations. She has also developed, implemented and managed multi-year social marketing campaigns for clients around the globe, including large and medium size businesses in the US and Asia.  


Prior to joining DWG, Weber served as Executive Director of Family Services Alliance of Southeast Idaho in Pocatello, ID. She was responsible for all operations and planning that included management of public and private funding, budgeting, personnel, grant-writing, development and implementation of case management philosophies, client service, quality control, expansion and programming. During her tenure, Weber was responsible for increasing agency funding by 60% in first year. She also obtained multi-year federal grant and renewal and developed community network and resources. Prior to that, she served as the Shelter Manager and Crisis Intervention Specialist.


Donna Gallup, CEO, states, "Tom and LaMae bring a diverse set of background experiences and leadership qualities to an already exceptional Board. Board members play an important role in the agency as they help us strengthen our mission and guide us into a successful future and the highest level of service to the community."    




Lamp is pleased to announce a collaboration with Los Angeles Christian Health Center. Both agencies have similar missions and commitment to the community and believe that working in coordination would further benefit those lacking access to healthcare in the Los Angeles community.  LACHC, a Christian-based healthcare agency, provides medical, dental, mental health, medical outreach and HIV/STD services to the residents in the Skid Row area of Downtown.  


Lamp will dedicate space for clinic operations at the Village, 527 Crocker St., Los Angeles, CA, which will accommodate both the healthcare services to be provided by LACHC professionals and the privacy needs of clients. The integration of primary care and mental health care for homeless and formerly homeless adults will ensure the highest level of services for clients of both organizations.






My life took a full metamorphosis.  Nine months ago my life was a train wreck.  I was living on the streets, using drugs and alcohol.  I didn't want to live any longer.  I didn't have any love and compassion in my life and it was horrible.  I had estranged myself from my kids in San Diego.  I was ashamed and isolated myself.  When I first came to the Lamp Community Wellness Center, I was scared and didn't know what to expect.  And then when I met everyone, I couldn't believe that they really cared.  It was something I hadn't felt for a long time.  The more I started coming in, the more groups and meetings I started attending.  I was being exposed to things conducive to good living and began putting that first in my life.  Emotionally, this was a trying feat, but the more I persevered, the more my life got better. 


Here I am at 55 years old and my life changing like's scary.  I never thought my life would be this good again.  I now take care of every aspect of me: spirit, mind, and body.  Now I have a wholesome relationship with my family, siblings, and my kids.  I have my own apartment and a sponsor who I meet with to help maintain my recovery.  I also keep my appointments with my advocate and my therapist; they're an important part of my healing process.


Sometimes I'm still in shock of the great things that have taken place.  I successfully graduated from Lamp's Peer Advocacy Project and am excited to begin working as an administrative intern with Lamp Community.  I have also been invited to be an Ambassador with Skid Row Housing Trust, representing the New Genesis building.  I learned how to set goals and to have an abundant life.  I've started thinking about my future.  I want to help other people like I was helped.  I want to give people hope that they can have a better quality of life and that things do get better.  My life is changed and I know the same is possible for anyone.


At Lamp, I feel that I got to set my goals and the staff met me every step of the way. They never said no, and welcomed me into this supportive community. I don't know where I would be today without the help and support I got at Lamp. I ask you to make a gift to this agency - one of the few of its kind that really meets people like me where we're at. Your donation to Lamp will support others just like me, who have nowhere else to turn, to make a miraculous life-change. On behalf of my community here in Skid Row, I am so grateful to you for your support.


Your gift makes possible services and housing for our unsheltered neighbors living with conditions that include persistent and severe mental illness, chronic disease such as HIV and cancer, chemical dependency, and trauma.


Your gift may help us reach out and bring into a caring community another nameless person who would otherwise be overlooked.







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Lamp Community ends homelessness of Los Angeles' most vulnerable individuals, primarily adults with mental illness, through a continuum of services and housing, enabling them to reach their highest level of self-sufficiency and community integration.