June 2016
One year mark since the ground breaking of 2700 University!
In This Issue
Bob Schunicht is Retiring
After 45 years of consulting engineering, Bob Schunicht is retiring from Landform. He plans to spend more time traveling with Rita and working on his golf game (definitely a work in progress).
Bob began his career at Bonestroo in 1971 as that firm's 23rd employee. Bob worked closely with Otto Bonestroo to help grow that firm to a peak of 550 employees in the mid-2000s. Early in his career Bob spent most of his time planning and designing cities, including about 40% of the developing suburbs. He finished his time at Bonestroo as Director of New Business with an emphasis on growth, including setting up branch offices, mergers/acquisitions and entering new markets.
In 2010, Bob left Bonestroo to become co-owner of Landform. Bob is pleased that Landform has tripled in size over the last six years and is set up for a bright future. The successful joining of Hedlund Engineering and Landform in 2015 is the most recent example of Bob's commitment to growth. Recognizing the importance of staff retention in a merger of professional services firms, Bob developed a Personalized Integration Plan that has been incorporated into PSMJ's national merger/acquisition training program.
Throughout his career one of Bob's priorities was to mentor young professionals. Two pieces of advice he gave to them are: "We are in a relationship business" and "at least once a month do something that scares the hell out of you." Bob is proud of the fact that many of the young professionals he mentored have leadership positions throughout the industry or own their own companies.
A few of Bob's favorite projects are:
  • Webber Natural Swimming Pool - Landform's design of the first natural swimming pool in North America that uses natural systems instead of chemicals to treat the pool water
  • Maple Grove's Gravel Mining Area Plan - prepared 30 years ago this plan is still being used to help guide the development of that four square mile area
  • MCES's Red Rock Interceptor - a collaborative project led to a completely new solution for the regional system south and west of Lake Minnetonka

We will be celebrating Bob's career at an event at the newly expanded Landform offices later this summer and we hope you can join us!  Watch your mail for an invitation to the August event.

Corcoran Design Guidelines
Landform is pleased to have been able to help the City of Corcoran update their Southeast District Plan and Design Guidelines.  This document was originally adopted as part of the Zoning Ordinance in 2004.  In 2015, the City of Corcoran, in partnership with Hennepin County, began work to update the existing design guidelines for the Southeast District. The Corcoran Southeast District Plan and Design Guidelines were modified to reflect the 2030 Future Land Use Plan and other changes needed to implement the City's Vision.
The update process was led by a community advisory committee (CAT) made of eight residents (two council members, two planning commissioners, two parks commissioners and two residents) and supported by staff from Landform, the City and the County. The new plan for the Southeast District includes a new Town Center and the Downtown Core on the east side of County Road 116, which is a mixed-use district combining retail, office and service commercial with a mix of low, medium and higher density residential.
This document is intended to be a guiding document for development in the Southeast District, and as such, the document includes a mix of required standards and aspirational goals. The plan is intended to guide landowners and developers on the City's expectations for development while allowing flexibility for the market to determine the appropriate design details.  After a 7-month public process, the City Council adopted the updated Southeast District Plan and Design Guidelines on May 26, 2016. 

Demolition began at Luther White Bear Subaru
Nicollet Mall Project

This month the Land Survey Department started working on the construction layout for the advanced utility reconstruction for the Nicollet Mall Project in downtown Minneapolis. This work is being done in advance of the main Nicollet Mall reconstruction to improve and move utilities out of the way. The Nicollet Mall project aims to make the Mall a new, inviting, innovative and world-class space. Read more at:

Welcome to the Team!

In May, we welcomed Tom Meyer, PE to our Retail and Commercial Design Studio as a Project Lead. His experience in site design, stormwater management and the approvals process is a great addition to the team.

Office Expansion nearly Complete!

The office expansion and renovation of our Minneapolis office is nearing completion. The end result is a more collaborative work environment with nearly double the size. We will be hosting an Open House later this summer and we hope you can join us!
We're Hiring!

We are looking for a Project Accountant to join our team! The Project Accountant will provide support to our other team members throughout the project accounting process from Start to Finish®. They will take the lead on all up front contract work and follow through, day to day work on tracking projects in our systems and processing invoices. This is a great opportunity to get into our small firm and learn many different aspects of accounting.

Send resumes and letters of interest to: careers@landform.net .

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