Hello Friends,

We have come to the end of our days as a store! Aylin's Woolgatherer will be closing its doors on May 31, 2016.  Saturday, May 28th, Monday, May 30th, and Tuesday, May 31st are the last three days that our store will be open. 

For a spectacular send-off, we are offering 75% OFF ON ALL OF OUR YARNS, IMPLEMENTS, NEEDLES, BOOKS/PATTERNS, BUTTONS, AND ACCESSORIES on our last three business days. We  have been busy bringing out all the back-stock yarns into our showroom. Because our stockroom was always so chock full of our beautiful fibers - we still have many project amounts available! 

You are all invited to participate in this LAST PHASE of Aylin's Woolgatherer as a store and help us plan the next phase of serving our community with our classes, special events such as workshops, retreats, day trips, knit-ins and finishing services.

See you soon and see you often.

Warm Regards,

Thank you again for your patience with us as we work tirelessly to ring up your goodies as fast as we can!!  It'll be a a busy holiday weekend!
Call us at 703-573-1900
Store Hours: Monday thru Saturday, 10am - 5:30pm
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