Last call for the 50th Anniversary registration 
Please contact us TODAY or ASAP at 715-346-4702 or for arrangements if you HAVE NOT registered and ARE planning to attend.  Advance registration required  
Please feel free to come early, doors open at 4:00 pm for a special meet and greet on Saturday 
WELCOME PARTY on Friday, November 6th at Springville Sports Bar and Grill  (a lso known as Memories) starting around 6 pm, food and beverages (excellent Friday Fish Fry) will be available for purchase if desired.  
    Reminder - please email or send in your Bike/Hike miles to help reach our goal of 2, 350 miles - distance from Wisconsin to Nicaragua!  More Bike/Hike photos posted on the  W/NP Facebook Page   - another goal to help reach is 1,000 likes by our 50th Anniversary!

Wis/Nic Partners || Stevens Point, WI  54481