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Deadline to Enroll is Tomorrow! Current ENERGY STAR is Comparable to Code

Did you know ENERGY STAR Version 12 is comparable to the Ontario Building Code package A6? For only about $150 more, you can achieve the ENERGY STAR standard.

Enroll your homes before the August 31, 2017 deadline, and have until August 31, 2019 - a full two years - to complete your build.

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Housing Innovation Forum Wants You 

We're starting to plan the 2018 Housing Innovation Forum (taking place February 22, 2018 - you marked your calendar, right?) and would like to hear from you.

The Forum is a day-long celebration of innovation in the housing industry. But what would you, members of the industry, like to see at it? 

Please take five minutes to fill out a survey, telling us why you go - or don't - and what you think would make the day perfect. One lucky person will win a free ticket to the Forum. 

Attend the Green Building Expo From the Comfort of Your Desk

Interested in attending an expo and tradeshow, but have no time to take away from the office?

On November 1st, the Green Building Expo is taking place in an entirely virtual environment.

Exchange information and interact with Canada's most active green professionals online - don't worry about getting stuck in traffic, or paying for crazy parking fees and overpriced convention food. 

Fall ENERGY STAR, Net Zero and Other Training

It's the responsibility of ENERGY STAR builders to keep their training current. With the release of the 2017 Standard, it's time get your training up-to-date.

You put off registering because it was Summer and who wants to think about the Fall? 

Unfortunately, Summer is almost over, and Early Bird Registration will end soon for our September courses (ENERGY STAR and Renewable Energy Options). 

Register now to save. As always, HBA pricing applies.
  • Renewable Energy Options to Get You to Net Zeroin conjunction with Toronto And Region Conservation Authority (Toronto)
  • ENERGY STAR for New Homes Part 1: Advanced Building Science (Toronto)
  • ENERGY STAR for New Homes Part 2: 2017 Standard (Toronto)
  • ENERGY STAR for New Homes Part 3: Sales & Marketing (Ottawa and Toronto)
  • Net Zero Version 1 Builder Training (Ottawa and Toronto)
  • Net Zero Version 1 Energy Adviser Training (Toronto
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