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Patrick Ivison walks at graduation.

This year, Patrick, paralyzed at 14 months old, walked at his high school graduation to receive his diploma. Fundraising with HelpHOPELive since 2005 paid for years of rehabilitation helping him achieve this goal.

This year, Jerry, 56 and living with cystic fibrosis, received a double lung transplant after years of defying the odds. Fundraising with HelpHOPELive since 2003 paid for continuing insurance coverage and life-sustaining medications during his long wait for the gift of life.
Jerry Cahill receives the gift of life after ten years on the list.

Transplantation and catastrophic injury are both lifelong journeys-physical, emotional and financial.  Thanks to you,  , HelpHOPELive partners with patients and families for the long haul, raising funds to bridge the gap between what health insurance will pay and what is actually needed to heal, live and thrive. In many cases funds raised through HelpHOPELive stand between a family and financial ruin...between crisis and stability. 

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You can change despair to hope, connect hope with opportunity...
  • Families who face putting children to bed hungry don't have to choose between medication and food. Fundraising with HelpHOPELive they can afford both.
  • Devoted parents can stay with a child recovering from a transplant or injury. Funds raised with HelpHOPELive pay for lodging close to hospitals and expenses back home to keep the "lights on."
  • Sons and daughters with a catastrophic injury return to independent, productive lives thanks to home health attendants and accessible homes and transportation paid for by funds raised with HelpHOPELive.
This is the impact you make possible.

Transforming lives takes compassion, time and commitment.  

With gratitude,
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Lynne C. Samson
Executive Director and CEO for HelpHOPELive

PS: Thank you for choosing to be part of our caring community where we work together to provide a safety net for care, independence and financial stability.  Will put your gift right to work.
The Impact of HelpHOPELive in Jerry's own words

Jerry Cahill: HelpHOPELive Partners with Patients and Families for the Long Haul
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