Late January 2016 Newsletter

Dear All,

Thanks to all who attended the program planning meeting on January 9th.  We had a lively and substantive discussion.  The Board voted to approve several recommendations  from the program planning group  which I'd like to share with you. 

 In examining local positions and in light of future development, a committee was formed to review the wording on our position on the special exception variance which is included in our Zoning Position.

 A letter  was sent to Sen. Saslaw expressing our concern over his lack of response to the Voters Guide questionnaire and asking for clarification on his position on redistricting.  ( CLICK HERE TO READ THE LETTER

 The Board supports LWV DC's resolution to have its DC Statehood Resolution submitted to the LWVUS National Convention.

 Also approved was the concept of focusing on a particular issue of concern such as income inequality or affordable housing and bringing it to public attention.  The Board will address this at it's March meeting.

Also, the board voted to award a $2000 scholarship to a deserving GMHS senior.  We have learned that we may spread this out over a two year period, if we so desire.


Our year is half over and we've done a great job of letting the public know about many important issues.  We're not done yet, so stay tuned for the rest of the activities we've got planned, including an exciting new fundraiser.

Don't hesitate to contact me with questions and remember that Democracy is not a Spectator Sport!




Due to last weekend's severe weather, we've combined the Review and Consensus Meetings:

Sunday, January 31 - Falls Church Community Center

2 to 3 p.m. - Informational meeting on Money in Politics Review
 Keynote speaker: Tara Malloy, Deputy Executive Director, The Campaign Legal Center.

3 to 4:30 p.m. - Consensus meeting on Money in Politics Review

** The Community Center parking lot has been plowed, 
so there will be plenty of off street parking**

The League is updating its position because the current position dates back to the 1970s and predates Supreme Court decisions that changed campaign finance law significantly. The current League position, does not answer the question of whether all or some political activity constitutes free speech protected under the First Amendment.

You can review the Money in Politics Consensus Questions using this link that will take you to the national League's website: CONSENSUS QUESTIONS & LINKS TO BACKGROUND PAPERS

This is our opportunity to help frame the national League position. What should be the goals and purposes of campaign finance regulation? What activities are types of political corruption? Who or what entities should be restricted from spending money to influence an election? 

For the League to advocate strongly against big money and its influence on elections and government, it must get member understanding and agreement as to the extent to which our organization believes that financing a political campaign is speech protected by the First Amendment. Under the Supreme Court's current rulings, it appears that we must allow money spent on elections to corrupt our office holders and candidates in the name of free speech. What are our options for changing this?

Come learn about and discuss options Sunday, Jan. 31.

Questions: contact Bob Crowe 703-200-3379.


WHAT:  Screening of "Extreme Realties," an award winning film on the effects of climate change, followed by a panel of experts, moderated by Richard Meserve, president emeritus of the Carnegie Institute of Science.  

Light refreshments will be available.

WHEN: Sunday, March 6th at 3PM

WHERE: George Mason High School Auditorium

COST: $35 per ticket for adults, $15 for students.  Order online at Deadline for online ordering is Feb. 27th.

The League realizes that our extensive efforts to fulfill our mission of education to the community on a wide variety of issues is an expensive proposition. For example, we pay for printing and distribution of our extensive Voters Guide, renting venues for programs , providing printed information papers on important local issues, and supporting a yearly scholarship to a worthy GMHS senior. 

We have explored a number of fundraising activities and see this film as serving two purposes: it will further knowledge of the far-reaching effects of climate change beyond the environment and it will help us to fund our educational efforts.  Our moderator has put together a highly informed panel who will discuss effects of climate change beyond those included in the film.

Each member of the league is being asked to support this fund raising effort by being responsible for the sale of two tickets to the event.  Each ticket will have a built in $20 tax deductible donation to the LWVUS Ed Fund. All purchasers will receive a receipt for tax purposes . The LWVUS Ed Fund administers our educational efforts and all funds are returned to us for our expenses.

You can fulfill this obligation by asking your friends to buy tickets (and being sure they do so!) or by buying them yourselves.  Please do your part as a league member by helping us continue our good work.  We've been a respected organization in Falls Church for 65 years, and we don't want our reputation to slip!

Please contact Ellen Salsbury with any questions.

The Arlington and Falls Church Chapters of the League of Women Voters and AAUW-Arlington present "The Girls Who Glow," a compelling and historically significant one-act drama that speaks to the struggles women faced when the LWV was founded in the 1920s and that women workers still face today. Following the performance, there will be a discussion led by the chair of the Yorktown Theatre Arts Department, Carol Cadby, who is also Theatre Arts Lead Teacher for Arlington Public Schools, and a social hour with refreshments provided by the Yorktown Theatre Arts Parents group. 

We are excited to announce that playwright Ginny Mohler will travel from her home in Brooklyn, NY, to join us at the performance. Ms. Mohler is an NYU-Alfred P. Sloan feature film grant winner who is an alumnus of the Arlington Public School system.  Ms. Mohler was a theatre student at Yorktown (class of 2006) and graduated from the NYU Tisch film school in 2011. The Yorktown Theatre Arts IV class adapted her screenplay about the real-life "Radium Girls" - teenage factory workers who were slowly poisoned while painting glow-in-the-dark watches with radium.  

"The Girls Who Glow" is based on an historical tragedy most people have never heard of, but which is both instructive as a history lesson and useful as a framework for discussing modern- day health and safety issues.

During the early 20th century, teenage girls were hired by several U.S. companies to paint watches to make them glow in the dark for use in war. The paint was 
made with radium, known at the time by scientists to be toxic, particularly because the girls were encouraged to lick the brushes to maintain fine points and thus ingested the paint. The  truth about the radium-laden paint's dangers was hidden for many years, as the companies sought to profit from the sale of the glowing watches and other radium-containing products.  

Hundreds of young girls fell ill and many died from cancers caused by working with the paint. Six of these desperately ill girls decided to sue U.S. Radium Corp. for poisoning them. In the face of an increasing public outcry as the truth emerged, the company decided to settle and the Radium Girls were left with meager settlements and lives cut short by the toxic paint.

We think this is an important story to tell and we look forward to this opportunity for our members and the community at large to learn more about it. 

"The Girls Who Glow," 
 by Ginny Mohler

7 pm 
 Thursday, February 11, 2016
Yorktown High School Auditorium
 5200 Yorktown Blvd., Arlington

Adapted by Carol Cadby and the Yorktown High School Theatre Arts IV class 

Sponsored by the Arlington and Falls Church chapters of the League of Women Voters and AAUW-Arlington
Free admission - all are welcome


In This Issue:


2015-2016 LWVFC Board and Off-Board Members 



Ellen Salsbury


Vice President

Linda Garvelink


Programs Co-Chairs

Robert Crowe

Renee Andrews


Local Affairs Chair

Wendy Frieman



Martha Cooper



Ruth Rodgers


Voter Service Co-Chairs 

Membership Co-Chairs


Liaison to NCA 

Ellen Gross


Administrative Team

Madalyn Cafruny

Genie Flahie

Edith Snyder


Special Projects

Cindy Donaldson

Bunny Jarrett

Marty Meserve

Jane Scully






Neil Johnston


LWVUS Study on Money in Politics &  Consensus Meeting 
Sunday, January 31
Falls Church Community Center
2 p.m.
Consensus Meeting at 3 p.m.

Understanding Commercial Real Estate Development in Falls Church: Four Perspectives
Sunday, February 21
Falls Church Community Center
3 p.m.

The LWV of the Fairfax Area General Meeting - was rescheduled due to bad weather

Saturday, February 17, 2016
Clyde's of Tysons Corner (New Location)
8332 Leesburg Pike Vienna, Virginia

9:30 a.m. 
 Registration & Coffee

Noon- Luncheon

Speaker: Dr. Wylecia Wiggs Harris, Executive Director, League of Women Voters of U.S.

Reservations are  required for the luncheon only; the program is free.

Luncheon Cost: $36
To Register and pay  click here.

Save the Date!

"Extreme Realities"
Film Screening & Expert Panel:
Sunday, March 6
3 p.m.
George Mason High School Auditorium

Advance Tickets:  
 $35 / $15 students
Must be purchased by 3/4
Day of Event:

Richard Meserve - President Emeritus, Carnegie Institute of Science

This is our NEW fundraiser to Support LWVFC Voter Services activities.

Unprecedented extreme weather events are leaving a trail of destruction throughout the world. Are these merely once in a hundred year storms or an early warning signal - a tipping point?

This film narrated by Matt Damon, investigates the link between severe weather, climate change, and threats to our national security.  Our expert panel will further explore these issues with the audience.

LWV-VA is in full swing during the Legislative Session with Action Alerts! These messages alert members when legislation is being introduced or considered on a topic about which the League has a position.

You can bookmark the website in your browser to keep up HERE .
League of Women Voters of Virginia
Lobby Day

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