Late Spring Session!  April 3-June 3, 2017
Closed April 10-14th for Spring Break
Closed May 29th for Memorial Day
Don't Stop!

We realize that summer can be a busy time, but don't disregard the effort and progress your child has made this year by taking off the summer session.  Gymnastics is a sport that requires continuous repetition in order to create proper muscle memory. Missing one week for vacation is hard enough, don't miss a whole session! 
Summer Vacation Credit

Are you going on vacation this summer?  If you will be missing one or two classes due to summer vacations, submit those dates with the form linked below by June 1st and we'll credit your fall session for those missed lessons!

Join us for some serious fun coupled with lots of learning!  Camps available for boys and girls ages 3-16 years old.  Members register online now!

$90 if you Register in April
$100 if you Register in May
$110 if you Register in June or later

Non-Members pay $120 and can register at the gym or by calling (912) 826-2011.

Gym Jam is a celebration of our awesome students in which they perform many of the skills they have been learning!  This year's event will be on Saturday, June 3rd from 10:00-11:00am.  There is a MANDATORY rehearsal on Friday, June 2nd, times TBA.  Rehearsal will be closed to spectators.  Gym Jam is a fun event that we want EVERYONE to participate in!  There is no cost for your child to participate!  We'd like girls to wear DEENOS leotards and boys to wear a DEENOS shirt and shorts. 

Click HERE to register your child for Gym Jam by their coach's name.

There will be a $5 Door Fee for spectators ages 5 to 105 :)  Doors will open at 9:30am and this typically becomes a standing room only event.  If you need a seat, get here early!
Order Your DEENOS Leo!

 Gym Jam is coming up on June 3rd and we'd like as many girls as possible to wear a DEENOS leotard!!!  If you need one and we don't have your size in stock, fill out the form below and we'll order your size.  Payment will be due when the leotards come in.  You must submit a form by April 20th!!!  DEENOS Leotards are $37.45 with tax.

Stay up to date with what is happening at the gym this session!  We share pictures and videos on social media.  Be sure to follow and like us, it could be your child featured one day!

 Watch for posts and encourage your child to participate in challenges that promote fitness, strength and flexibility!  Make it a family event and take the challenges yourself, too!  Be sure to video or snap a picture and share it with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtags #DEENOSChallenge and #DEENOS

THIS MONTH'S CHALLENGE:  The Wall Sit.  Use any open wall space and slide down into the position shown with your knees and hips at a 90 degree angle.  Keep your upper body against the wall and let your arms rest beside you (no pushing your hands on your legs for support!)  To make it more challenging, hold your arms out straight or up above your head.  Can you make it to 5 minutes?!!  Good Luck!
Open Gyms

This session the open gym dates are April 28th and May 19th.  Open Gym is supervised (non-instructed) time for kids to practice/play.  Check out the link for more details.  We do not hold Open Gym over the summer!  
Open Gym
Google Calendar

We have a google calendar to help keep you informed.  Click the calendar image to see the DEENOS General Calendar!
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