In just one of Martin Henz projects, his team converted one of the smallest available sailing yachts, a 7.7m long motorised yacht to a carbon-neutral vessel by retrofitting it with a 2.0kW electric outboard motor and two 24V lithium-ion phosphate battery sets. Three mono-crystalline solar panels serve as cockpit roof and are mounted on a custom-built stainless steel truss. 
He's also "engineered" his students at National University of Singapore (NUS) come up with a clean and simple way to realise our dreams of flying.The personal flying machine was built over a one-year period, under the auspices of FrogWorks, a collaboration between NUS Faculty of Engineering's Design-Centric Programme (DCP) and the University Scholars Programme (USP). 
When he gave an inspired talk at the Singapore International Energy Week, you realise he needs to be taken seriously. He’s a great believer in the unique opportunities of experiential learning in university education.
Call him a master mariner, a mad professor, a genius inventor, a clean energy guru or a mentor extraordinaire. He is all of these - and more - at the same time.  Read more.