March 2011

Ernestina in New Bedford Harbor
                                                                                                                      photo by Roland Morin

March 10, 2011


Schooner Ernestina-Morrissey Association



Lots of news this month.  Enjoy!

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Mary Anne

Welcome Commissioner Lambert!


Commissioner Ed Lambert

Ernestina has a friend in Ed Lambert, the newly appointed Commissioner of DCR.  We look forward to working with Commissioner Lambert to insure a bright future for Ernestina as the Official Vessel of the Commonwealth.


Celebrating 117


 117 at M&C

Ernestina's supporters filled M&C Cafe on Sunday February 20 to celebrate the launch 117 years ago, in Essex, Massachusetts, of Effie M.Morrissey, the schooner that became Ernestina when renamed by Captain Henrique Mendes in 1948.

Cape Verdean Ambassador Fatima Veiga and Gunga Tavares from the Boston Consul's office presented donations in support of Ernestina and Congressman Barney Frank, Dana Mohler-Faria, President of Bridgewater State University, DCR Commissioner Ed Lambert, Mayor Scott Lang, Senator Marc Pacheo,  Representative Tony Cabral and Consul General Graca Fonseca from Portugal's New Bedford office all spoke in support of the ship. S-T ARTICLE

Representative Cabral presented a proclamation from the Legislature to Schooner Ernestina Commissioners Laura Pires-Hester who has worked on Ernestina's behalf for nearly 40 years and Jennifer Nersesian, Superintendent of New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park.  

Chef Mike Melo prepared an outstanding buffet enjoyed by all with many promising a return visit to the M&C Cafe.  Musical presentations by the New Bedford Harbor Sea Chanty Chorus and Candida Rose,who had everyone dancing in the aisles, was organized by SEMA director Polly Zajac. 

The fundraising celebration was organized by Barbara Burgo, longtime Ernestina volunteer.  The event and silent auction raised nearly $4000 to support efforts to get Ernestina sailing again!  MORE PICTURES

Digital Initiative for you and Ernestina Peter Mello


Do you need a media make-over for you or your business?  Consider Peter Mello's new program digitsimple.  Peter has offered to donate 25% of any revenues earned as a result of new business contracted from organizations or individuals that use our code (ERNESTINA) when you contact him.

Peter has created a page explaining the program. HERE

Sea-Fever Consulting LLC is a management consulting firm that specializes in strategy, communications and leadership. They adopted their name from the title of the classic John Masefield poem with the memorable line, "And all I ask is a tall ship and star to steer her by."  Sea-Fever helps leaders (organizations and individuals) find their star to steer by. Some of the things they do include strategic planning, offsite planning and meeting facilitation, executive coaching, leadership communications planning, and nonprofit board and organizational development. You can find more including his Leader[ship]Log at THIS LINK  

Over the past four years Sea-Fever has been very involved in digital marketing and social media. Recognizing a need in the market,  recently launched a program called digitsimple which provides simple, cost effective digital marketing/engagement solutions for small businesses and nonprofits. Digitsimple has developed digital initiatives for a number organizations in our community and beyond.  Peter's offer extends to March 31, 2011.  Please contact him and use the code "ERNESTINA" soon.  This is a great opportunity for both of us!




 Save the date:

Saturday, April 16. 

SEMA will be partnering with DCR's Park Serve program to have the first work day on Ernestina for 2011.  Follow the link, click sign up on the Park Serve page and scroll down the "select a park" list to "Schooner Ernestina" to put your name on the list of volunteers for the day.  LINK  SIGN UP  and check the next Update for more details.

Can You Share a Piece of Ernestina's History?


In July 2011 a new exhibition will open at the New Bedford Whaling Museum that will explore the Republic of Cape Verde, its people, maritime history, connections to New England, and the legacies that continue to tie New Bedford and its culture to Cape Verde.  Items from Ernestina are being evaluated for inclusion in the exhibit.  You may have something to share with the organizers of this exhibit.  Please follow this link to get more information.  INFO


Schooner Ernestina Commission Meeting

February 25, 2011 notes


Sean Fisher, State archivist, will be taking the ship's logs and papers etc. to Danvers for cataloging.   

Winter cover is on and will be coming off approximately last week of April 

The Coast Guard inspection haul-out is planned for late spring. The Commission requested the inspection yield a cost survey of the repairs required in order for the Ernestina to obtain Coast Guard certification for sailing. 

Leon Poindexter has been awarded the contract do the rigging work (pending the approval of the Massachusetts Historical Commission) Poindexter is asking for 30 days lead time and 75 days to complete.  

DCR Stewardship Council is revising the Volunteer Policy.   When it is approved volunteers will have more opportunity to assist on maintenance projects.


Interpreter services for the Ernestina will begin on June 5, 2011 through Labor Day and possibly a special during the Working Waterfront Festival weekend.  

Commission Business Plan to be submitted within the next month. Julius Britto, SEMA vice-president, presented the  forum summary notes.


DOWNLOAD full notes

Distinctive Destination



What's your favorite destination in New Bedford?  Ernestina, of course!

The National Trust for Historic Preservation has designated New Bedford as one of only a dozen Distinctive Destinations across the US for 2011.  You can make New Bedford #1 of the 12.  Fans can vote every day until March 15 for their favorite.  This is your chance to bring the Nation's attention to New Bedford and Ernestina.  Visit the website every day and VOTE.


Issue 28

Schooner Ernestina-Morrissey Association, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation with the purpose of raising funds to provide for the maintenance, equipment, manning, programming and operation of the Schooner Ernestina ex Effie M. Morrissey  as a sail training vessel, school ship, and educational enterprise. 








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Schooner Ernestina Commission Meeting

The next Schooner Ernestina Commission meeting is scheduled for Friday, March 18, 2011  at 1:00 pm at the New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park Visitors' Center. 33 William St. New Bedford.  The agenda will be posted and you can access the minutes of previous Commission meetings.  Follow the link and scroll down the chronological list to the Schooner Ernestina Commission entries. 
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