We would like to let our community members know we at ISCJ take "Safety and Security" very seriously!

Things to know!
Beyond the list below, please bear in mind additional sensitive safety measures and precautions have been and will be implemented but not disclosed to the public per Law Enforcement recommendations for the ongoing safety and protection of everyone.
  1. We have drafted a new Safety and Security Mission Statement. Click here to read!
  2. Proactive dialogue with South Brunswick Police, they have agreed to provide an increased daily visible presence in and around ISCJ campus
  3. Ongoing Security and Safety Assessments with Law Enforcement Officials and private sector professionals to identify areas of improvement
  4. Proactive dialogue with Regional FBI and Homeland Security leaders
  5. Proactive dialogue and sharing of best practices between other masajids and Islamic organizations
  6. Enhanced permanent lighting around the ISCJ campus (Some already installed, more to be installed, more to be repaired)
  7. Continue dialogue with Noor ul Iman school
  8. Safety and Security awareness seminars conducted and more to be scheduled
  9. Scheduling of more Evacuations Drills and Emergency Drills
  10. Additional security cameras in strategic locations with High Definition capability
  11. New visible safety and security related signage around the ISCJ campus and inside the masjid
  12. Click here for a simple Fire Safety presentation including a Fire Drill at ISCJ this past March
  13. Hiring of paid experienced security staff during major holidays
  14. Permanent Defibrillator inside the masjid for emergency situations
  15. Mandatory Safety Training for ISCJ staff, volunteers and stakeholders (Evacuation, Active Shooter, CPR, Defibrillator use, Webinars, etc)
  16. Further strengthening of areas within the Masjid require access control e.g. heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) equipment
  17. Establish a clear zone adjacent to all entry doors and exits that is clear of all trash cans, vegetation and obstructions to ensure to allow for continuous monitoring
  18. Development of an enforceable Masjid Building policy with strict open and closing times is in progress
  19. Establishment of a strong cyber security plan is in progress
  20. Incident Reporting Form has been created to keep documented records
We continue to review all options as there is always room for improvement to ensure we do our best to ensure the safety/security of everyone!
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Community Safety Alerts and Tips!

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Below is an excerpt from CAIR earlier this year


In light of recent events affecting American Muslims across the country, CAIR-NJ is advising the Muslim community to take all threats seriously and ensure that local law enforcement are contacted in a timely manner to investigate and address any threats. CAIR-NJ is here to assist you with vetting the credibility of the threat and the proper means of reporting. Here are some key terms to know and understand:


Islamophobia: a close-minded prejudice against or hatred of Islam and Muslims. Islamophobic acts are directed at Islam and Muslims in general. Anti-Muslim discrimination is directed at a specific individual, institution or group of individuals. 


Hate Incident: an act such as hate speech made against a person, property or society which is motivated in whole or in part by the offender's bias against a race, religion, disability, sexual orientation or ethnic origin.


Hate Crime: a criminal offense that is a physical assault against a person or property, which is motivated in whole or in part by the offender's bias against a race, religion, disability, sexual orientation or ethnic origin.




1) Report any suspicious activity or individuals to the local police (dial 911), and to the Masjid or organization that it involves. Report any threat of violence on social media, voicemails, text messages, website attacks/hacks, phone calls, verbal threats, or physical threats to the police.