April 13, 2015


Senator Patty Murray and the chairman of the U.S. Senate education committee, Lamar Alexander (R-Tennessee) introduced a fix to the No Child Left Behind law.  If passed, it would eliminate the need for Washington to regain its No Child Left Behind waiver... Read More

Fourth graders in Kaitlin Robert's class are ready to rise to the challenge of the Smarter Balanced tests. Every student at Rainier View Elementary will be taking the test this spring...Read More

Fourth graders in Kaitlin Robert's class at Rainier View Elementary in Seattle.

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Students taking the tests will continue to see changes in content and method.  State officials and lawmakers should settle on a protocol and let students adjust and move on....Read More

KUOW speaks to teachers about the challenges and advantages of the new Smarter Balanced Assessment test... Read More

"Families and schools deserve to know if students are on a path to success after high school."... Read More


With two weeks left in the regular legislative session, the House and the Senate have released their 2015-2017 budget proposals.  Both chambers address the Supreme Court's McCleary decision -- the state's funding obligation for education -- and allot comparable education funding amounts. The House provides $1.4 billion, the Senate $1.3 billion.


The two proposals differ on funding for state employee salaries and teacher cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs).  The House proposal fully funds the collective bargaining agreements negotiated by Gov. Jay Inslee and funds teacher COLAs above what's required by Initiative 732.  The Senate proposal rejects the governor-negotiated collective bargaining agreements and provides $149 million less than the House for increases in state employee compensation. 


Both budgets bring changes to Initiative 1351, the class size measure approved last fall.  The Senate is sending the initiative back to the people for a vote in November. 


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