2005 Gemini 105Mc
Located: Edgewater , MD 
Asking Price: $99,999
2002 Lagoon 380 
Located: Jacksonville, FL
Asking Price: $239,000

2008 Gemini 105Mc
Located: Coconut Grove, FL 
Asking Price: $122,000

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2005 Jaguar 36 
Located: Miami, FL 
Was:  $178,500 
Now: $177,500

2012 Lagoon 560
Located: Cartagena,Colombia
Was:  $1,200,000 
Now: $1,100,000

Message from Mike Auton, Yacht Broker regarding catamarans for sale that may or may not have damage due to Hurricane Irma & Maria.

Mike Auton, Yacht Broker
I am writing to introduce myself as a new broker with The Catamaran Company. I am a lifelong sailor and through yearly charters down in the stunning British Virgin Islands, have fallen in love with Catamarans!  We are currently dealing with the terrible devastation that Hurricanes Irma and Maria have wreaked. As you are no doubt aware, many boats were lost or damaged beyond repair. We have many friends, people we see every year, at our favorite island hangouts having lost so much, it is truly heartbreaking.  Currently, there is a perception that a lot of damaged boats, will result in some bargains to be had. Unfortunately, this is far from the case, we are looking at a vastly depleted supply which will result in price increases on the used market and eventually new boats too.  Without a question, the core boat builders will step up production, but it is going to take some time for this to trickle down and improve supply.  If you are currently in the market for a new or used cat, no one knows the Catamaran market like The Catamaran Company. Based on our cumulative experiences, we can we save you a lot valuable time looking for the right boat, but also provide invaluable advice which will save you money.  Timescales are important in your search, if you are not in the market right now, but intend to look seriously in the near future, please let me know and we can put a plan together to achieve your dream!
Best Regards and Happy Sailing,

Mike Auton

email:       Mike.Auton@catamarans.com
Phone:  954.372.3849 
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