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"OK, I admit it. I put off getting active on My eCoach for quite some time. I was busy with daily routines, state reporting needs, student information systems and staffing needs. NOW it is time to spend quality time re-energizing myself and my staff with the fabulous and infinite resources on this site. I will encourage the staff at our school site to spend 30 minutes a day getting acquainted, responding to blogs and growing for the sake of our students!"
Gloria Simmons,
Education Coordinator

San Diego County Office of Ed
San Diego, CA  

"I am learning so much in such a short time on My eCoach.  I really look forward to utilizing all the resources that are at my disposal and become really proficient at it."  Antonio Paez,
3rd Grade Teacher
East Point Elementary,
El Paso, TX

We have been busy this summer finding great resources for educators. In this newsletter, we collected articles, contests, grants, tips, free stuff, and other resources that we hope you find interesting and useful for you and your students. 

We wish you a wonderful start to your school year! Enjoy!
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eLibrary Spotlights                              
Click on an eLibrary Spotlight and find more than a link to the website or resource. We continue to build a rich collection of resources for you with vocabulary words, keywords, curriculum areas, grade levels, essential and discussion questions and extension activities. These are featured on the Home page when you login also with matched standards. Here are a few spotlights we want to share with you:

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Featured Projects 

We are so proud of the featured projects our members have created that they now appear in the lower right on the outside of My eCoach so everyone can view them. Here are a few of the featured projects since the last newsletter:

Threads of Life
Building Creative Environments  

Barbara posts regularly on her blog Rethinking Learning. Join her as she facilitates growing creative and engaging learning environments. Here's some of the latest posts:

 Going Places Contest

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Earthquake and Hurricane Resources         
EarthquakesThe world is shaking and the wind is blowing all over the place. We found some lessons and activities that you can use in your classroom. 
12 Tips on Inquiry-Based Learning 

Inquiry-based learning is a style of teaching that is based on asking questions that kids honestly care about and guiding them to find the answers as well as coming up with new questions.  

  1. Plan enough time to pre-plan, plan, and plan again during implementation.
  2. Start with a topic that encourages inquiry. Magnifier
  3. Choose 20% of your time for inquiry.
  4. Flip your classroom for this unit.
  5. Pose real questions.
  6. Encourage co-designing the curriculum.
  7. Develop rubric for assessing learning.
  8. Group students for collaborative learning.
  9. Have students collect resources.
  10. Monitor progress.
  11. Interpret information.
  12. Present findings.

Learning begins with the learner. What children know and what they want to learn are the very foundations of learning. Go to this blog post to learn more...  

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All our best to you,
Barbara Bray
Barbara Bray, Creative Learning Strategist
President, My eCoach