June 2017
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Great Fun, Great Cause: Touch-a-Truck Event Draws More Than 2,000 Attendees, Raises $6,300 for Veterans
Together, with the Trucking Association of New York, we hosted our third-annual touch-a-truck family fundraiser to benefit a local charity, called the Veterans Miracle Center (VMC). The VMC is a special place for veterans and active-duty military personnel, as well as their immediate families, to receive daily life necessities absolutely free. More than 2,000 children, parents and other members of the community attended the touch-a-truck event. Together, we raised over $6,300 for the VMC and the best part is that local veterans in our headquarter's area will be able to benefit!

"Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more."

The Month of June
National Outdoors Month
Now that summer is almost here, it's a great time to get outside and enjoy the outdoors! Check out these fun facts and remember to be safe!

1. Grab your ticket to the bear show!  In the early years, U.S. parks did little to keep bears from consuming human food. Instead, it was encouraged by setting up viewing areas for people to watch bears riffle through dumpsters. Of course, this eventually proved to be problematic and was put to a stop in the late '70's. Check out these bears waiting to be fed!

2. Crickets calculate temperature.  Simply count the number of chirps you hear in 14 seconds. Then, add 40 to that number to find out the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Over 80% of all wildfires are started by humans. Other causes include lightning strikes and other nature events.  Unattended campfires and discarded cigarettes are a few of the common man-made causes and they can destroy thousands of acres and endanger millions of lives.

4. A mouse can squeeze through incredibly small spaces, thanks to its soft skull. Zip up your tent at night - if there are holes bigger than a ballpoint pen, a mouse can get in  

5.  Lightning strikes occur about 100,000 times per day worldwide. A bolt of lightning can raise the temperature of the surrounding air by 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The safest place to be during a lightning storm is inside, but if you are caught outside in one, check out these tips.

National Camping Month
We asked some of our Bestpass employees to share their camping experiences with us! Check out what they had to say!

Jenn, on Fish Creek Ponds - "It's located in the Adirondacks, between Tupper and Saranac Lakes. There's minimal cell service, no internet/wifi, no electricity. It's a true escape from real life! Campsites are located on a five-mile road/loop and all of the camp sites are on the water, so you can wake up, jump in the lake or hop on your bike. There's a bunch of daily kid and family-friendly activities, as well as a local camp store, plus, look how pretty!"

Betsy, on her "Glamping" experiences - "So, some will give us 'the business' because we choose NOT to camp on the cold hard ground in a tent with no electricity.  My answer to them is: been there, done that... camping is not about 'roughing it.'  To us, camping is about getting outside, out of your every day routine and environment, spending time with family and friends.  We love it so much that we have made it part of our regular lives from May - October.  Our camp home is in Thurman, NY at Glen Hudson Campground.  We spend just about every Friday - Sunday there at our seasonal site on the Hudson River.  Every meal our 'camp family' gathers to nosh and laugh.  The hot days are spent in the river whether we are tubing or just sitting in our chairs cooling off with a cold beverage."
"But it doesn't stop there...when we aren't at our camp, we are out on the road in our Class C, discovering camp life on the road.  We've gone to a lot of places in MA, NY, CT, PA, VT, NH... and with each stop brings more laughter and memories.  We've canoed  the Delaware, climbed to the Castle in Clouds, hiked Macedonia Brook State Park, and weathered Hurricane Matthew in Salisbury.  The list is endless.  Nothing beats camping...whether you are in a tent, a pop up, or motorhome.  Camping is out doing, not necessarily how you do it."

BP News
Pilot Program Participants Needed!
Would you be interested in testing out the latest and greatest Bestpass services? We are looking for current customers that are willing to test new facilities and transponder equipment. What's in it for you? You'll get to experience first-hand the cool stuff that we are working to better serve you, plus you will receive discounted service and cool Bestpass swag!

Interested? Please contact Michael Magliocca at mmagliocca@bestpass.com.
Pro Tip: Remove Old Agency Transponders When Installing Bestpass Transponder
When you are installing your Bestpass transponder, please be sure to remove any other agency transponders from your vehicle(s). For example, if you have a Bestpass Horizon Transponder, you will need to remove any other transponder(s) that you have for Florida, Texas, Kansas or Oklahoma. Trust us on this one! By not doing this, you run the risk of running double toll and being double-billed. If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service at support@bestpass.com.
Collection Notices & Unpaid Toll Tickets
Just a friendly reminder: please submit any Violation Collection Notices and Unpaid Toll Tickets separate from other violations. You are more than welcome to submit them online or via email. The notices should be kept separate, as they require immediate intervention from our
Business Analysis & Administration Team to serve you in the quickest and most effective way possible!
It's Coming: Rhode Island Toll
Before the end of 2017, Rhode Island plans to charge truckers for the first two locations in its first statewide truck-toll network. 

The first toll location is planned for the Route 95 bridge over Mechanic Street on the Hopkinton-Richmond border. The second location is planned for Route 95 near Route 3 and Teft Hill Trail in Exeter, and is scheduled to be up and collecting by December 2017. The entire toll network is expected to be running and collecting by May or June of 2019.

You will be covered with your Bestpass E-ZPass compatible transponder.

Bestpass in the News
Things are happening at Bestpass! We've had a few exciting announcements lately.

We're excited to announce our new partnership with Tollsmart!

We also hosted an open house to show off our new space... Check out what the Times Union had to say.

CEG reveals tech award winners ahead of casino event.
Welcome to our new clients who joined us in May!
Special welcome to FedEx Ground, who joins Bestpass with more than 12,000 vehicles!  

  • Hansen & Adkins Auto Transport Inc
  • Abilene Motor Express Inc
  • Shonda Faulkner
  • Transport Samuel Lague
  • Moraine, LLC
  • Coffee and Sons LLC
  • Michael A. Blackburn
  • Aleksey L. Shatalov (Balarama)
  • Michael Murphy
  • L3 Transportation
  • Expeditors International Inc
  • Richard Ruckstalis
  • Donald R Thompson
  • G & H Trucking
  • Tribe Express Inc
  • Adirondack Mountain Trucking 
  • Robert's Oxygen Co Inc
  • Ricky Chancey
  • TMC
  • Mark Shaw & June Love
  • Damien Cerny
  • Garbo Trucking
  • Full Moon Transport
  • LD & Sons Trucking LLC
  • Eagle Transportation'
  • D A Bartlett Trucking 
  • Ken Richards Trucking
  • St Joe Express Inc
  • IBRB Trucking Inc
  • Itz-Ohlson Transport Inc
  • Farmers Oil Company Inc
  • Senators Coaches
  • Express Delivery Services
  • D&M Carriers, LLC dba Freymiller
  • AMAP Trucking LTD
  • 9163-4493 Quebec Inc
  • Anthony Moyd
  • Kenneth R Cross
  • C4 Transportation LLC
  • Jack D Thomas Trucking
  • Downhole Trucking LLC
  • IdanExpress
  • Jack Link Truck Line, Inc
  • Prochnow Transport Inc
  • Transport South Bec Express Inc
  • Hoffman Transport Inc
  • Marcus McQueen
  • Harris Trucking Inc
  • Rush Services Inc
  • Badlands Express LLC
  • Calvin Wolf
  • Star Coaches Inc
  • AJM Transport LLC
  • 1758348 Alberta LTD
  • Tyshawn Minor 
  • Guerilla Transport 
  • TransCore
  • 9279-3124 Quebec Inc
  • Dickinson Fleet Services LLC
  • Geographic Transports Inc
  • El Paso Freight Services Inc
  • Montrose Environmental Group/The Air Compliance Group
  • K&J Auto Logistics Inc
  • LRT Services Inc dba Little Rock Tours
  • Apex Carriers Inc
  • 25th Dynasty Enterprise LLC
  • Douglas Hasner
  • Diamond E. Enterprises Inc
  • Copper Express Inc
  • WB Sullivan & Associates LLC
  • Raymond Jones
  • Knepper Trucking
  • Graydain Transport
  • Eric & Tammy Harry
  • G&H Transport Inc
  • Double B Xpress 6747191 Canada Inc
  • Cedric Gaines
  • Tow Away LLC
  • Nicholas Mordaunt 
  • Bulldog Indy LLC
  • Bexar County Juvenile Probation Dept 
  • Ken Clark LLC
  • HorseShoe Ranch Inc
  • Charles Piffer
  • Macbar Transport 
  • Distribution Services
  • HEB  Grocery Company
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Janet Groen, Angel King and Cindy Miller

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Susan Bredl

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