March 2017
Booth Time
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We're on the Road Again!
This March, we will be attending the Mid-America Trucking Show, in Louisville, Kentucky, March 23-25, 2017, as well as Truckload Carriers Association's Annual Convention, in Nashville, Tennessee, March 26-28, 2017. 

We have a lot of fun going on at the booth! You'll get to take your picture with and learn what not to do, from our friend Jimmy. 

How to Win at MATS:

1. Stop by the Bestpass booth at MATS, #16141
2. Give your email address to the booth attendees
3. Pick up a fancy "Don't Pull a Jimmy" button #NoJimmy
4. Proudly sport your button around the show for a chance to be picked from the crowd to win cash on the spot!

"I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying."

The Month of March
March Madness
You're pretty much out of time to fill out the perfect NCAA Tournament bracket, but we hope luck is on your side! In the meantime, here's some fun facts about some fan-favorites...

1. UCLA .  There are 16 past UCLA basketball players who are currently playing in the NBA. The Bruins hold 11 national titles for NCAA, 19 of which were earned under famed coach John Wooden. Oh, and they weren't always Bruins... they started out as Cubs and Grizzlies.

2. Kansas. The Jayhawks have the longest current division/conference winning streak in all sports - the team clinched its 10th straight Big 12 conference championship in 2014. During that stretch, Kansas won six out of nine Big 12 tournaments.

3. Duke
Coach Krzyzewski (pronounced: She-shef-ski) has the most career wins (more than 1,000) out of any male college basketball coach. Want to check out a home game? Die-hard fans only. With the Duke-UNC rivalry, students must camp out for one or two months in K-ville, which turns into a temporary tent city with the first tent going up over winter break.

4. Arizona. The University of Arizona was the first university in Arizona and fans are getting antsy. Coach Sean Miller is the best coach to ever reach the Final Four, but has yet to win a National Championship. 

5. North Carolina.  The Tar Heels have five NCAA National Championships under their belt. The school has produced top NBA players, including His Airness, Michael Jordan. The school colors are so iconic that the particular shade of blue is referred to as "Carolina blue" - even the fire trucks are Carolina blue in Chapel Hill! 
BP News
New on the Customer Web Portal: International Toll Calculator 
Bestpass customers will now have access to the Tollsmart Toll Calculator, which covers every tolled facility in the United States and Canada!

We've integrated the Tollsmart application into our customer web portal, located at Now our customers will be able to estimate costs for multiple routes, including additional Bestpass volume discounts, and make strategic decisions about how to deploy vehicles.

Check out the toll calculator and let us know what you think!
PA Turnpike Travel Alert
Mid-County Interchange
The PA Turnpike will be temporarily closing the Express E-ZPass lanes (Northbound and Southbound) at the Mid-County Interchange to upgrade toll equipment.

The Express E-ZPass lanes will be closed beginning at 9 p.m. on Friday, March 17, 2017 and will remain closed until 5 a.m. on Monday, April 10, 2017. This closure only impacts the Express E-ZPass lanes; the traditional E-ZPass and Cash lanes will remain open.

The PA Turnpike advises motorists to expect slow moving or stopped traffic during this closure, especially during the morning and evening rush hours.

For more information and updates, check out: 
Bestpass in the News
We are thrilled to be one of the top-50 small business  Best Company Cultures in 2017 in America, as listed in the March 2017 edition of Entrepreneur Magazine.

Entrepreneur says, "No matter the size of your business, company culture is something that can make or break its success." We couldn't agree more, and we are so proud of our team here at Bestpass.
Welcome to our new clients who joined us in February!

  • Panera Bread LLC
  • Veritiv Unisource Worlwide, Inc
  • Victor J Diluigi
  • Jianquiang Yu
  • Wayne Cabral
  • Semper Fi Carrier Inc
  • Harris Teeter Inc
  • Dennis Pearce Trucking
  • Jason Sanabria
  • Summy & Son Trucking LLC
  • Kiranjit Sidhu
  • Perry Myers
  • Bo Crawford
  • Paul Elders
  • Brian Haun
  • Jeff Osteen
  • David S. Kunkel
  • Mohamed A Mohamed
  • Vernon Mercer
  • Sharon Andrews
  • Edward Dietsche
  • Leyetta Schroeder
  • Bull Transport LLC
  • Charles Kumalaa
  • Sara Pingel
  • Bliss Unlimited
  • Roll On Trucking LLC
  • White Eagle Freight
  • Tetra Tech Inc

  • 1-800-Pack-Rat, LLC
  • ERB International Inc
  • La Londe Logistics
  • Math Logistique Inc
  • RW Trucking
  • Gary Robertson
  • Jason Richardson
  • Jagsgau Transport Inc
  • BWGI Assoc
  • Aydogan Cuhadar
  • Clyde Weaver
  • DeMaster Trucking Inc
  • Errol Mccullough
  • Brooklyn Sons LLC
  • Great Lakes Moving Systems Inc
  • Chris M Evans
  • John Klumpp
  • Trent Hitchens
  • CCT of Arkansas, LLC
  • Lynne Lauer Trucking LLC
  • Deborah Jackson
  • Ark Transportation Services LLC
  • Jude Prophete
  • Baron Trucking
  • John Pryor
  • Patrick McCoy
  • Turquoise LLC
  • Clark Transfer Inc
  • General Transfer Company LLC
  • LME Inc
  • Benson Farms
  • Tampa Entertainer Bus Rentals LLC
  • David Kirschner
  • Thomas Thompson
  • Jack Martin
  • Haul America Trucking LLC
  • Eric Seiser
  • Joesph O'Brien
  • Jose Jimenez Jr
  • David Doolan
  • Stephen Lockhart
  • Darrell Sofranuik
  • Tami Potirala
  • Michael Katsaros
  • Marcus Redd
  • Joshua Kruit
  • John F Trucking Inc
  • Ian Brooks Trucking 
  • Colbert Avin
  • Gary Hampton
  • Charles Spradling 
  • Barbara Beal
  • John Wilkins Jr
  • JAAK Trucking
  • Golden Clover Inc
  • Nitetrain Coach 
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Layover Fun
Last Month's Riddle

Q. Tom is six feet tall, he's a butcher's assistant, and he wears size 10 shoes. What does he weigh?

A. Meat.

Congratulations to those who answered correctly! 

Jeff Berry, Michael Lamb, Mary Brochu, Robert Van Noggeren, Kris Almquist, Judy Obreza, Max Sutfin, Janet Zlotnicki, Nancy Breeding, Al Zetler, Lea Harmon, Nathan Smith, Wallace Anders, Rachelle St Coeur, Bob Smith, Darren Ayres, Trish Ayres, David Williman, Eric Hyfield, Mereditch Dorenbach, Jack Brown, Charlie Benton, Colton Froese, Kelly Murray, Stan Kindred, Carol Sowycz, Scott Earls, SCT Specialized, Susan Barclay, Suzanne Dabrowski, Rachele Wright, Lana Cole, Kristi Sanders, and Ken J. Kram

Know the answer to our riddle? Email your answer to and we will recognize you in next month's newsletter! We'll give out the answer then, too.

P.S. We know this might be more of a joke than a riddle, but it's still fun!