January 2015


I can't believe how quickly January has gone by - it's whizzed by since we came back after the holiday break.  It's bloomin' freezing outside today - snow is forecast for some of the country, but fortunately, it's unlikely to make it's way as far south as us here in Bournemouth (famous last words!)  There is nothing worse, is there, than trying to walk on icy pavements - bad enough when they're bone dry! 

The new year has started in a great way for us, with George Brown starting on 5th January - he's introducing himself to you further down.  He has big plans to plan - and then, more importantly - fund some projects that will develop what we do for you!  We'll keep you informed as things progress.

Also, before I forget, Lisa Yeates, our Admin Assistant is expecting her third child in March, so she'll be off on maternity leave at the beginning of March.  She'll be having a couple of months off, and then just doing a couple of hours a week for six months, to keep things ticking over.  So there will be periods of time when there would normally be someone here in the office, but you don't get a reply - just leave a message, and I'll get back to you.  I'm going to work a few hours more each week (probably), but will still only work part time - you know what the CMT fatigue is like, it does you in, if you do too much! 


Annual Conference

Professor Mike Shy, this year's lead speaker

All Full members will have received notification of the Annual Conference by now, with your Raffle tickets.  Although there's a long time to go (it'll go by quickly!), please do book as promptly as possible - it makes our lives easier if everyone is booked and paid for well in advance.

You can find all you need to know at http://www.cmt.org.uk/annual-conference.php including online booking.

Don't forget, this event is open to everyone, full member or not, although if you are a supporting member, you won't be getting notification by post - you're getting it now!!

If you want to stay at the hotel, do check their website and any offer websites, like www.bookings.com before you book, as we've been made aware that they have some special offers on, which are cheaper than our negotiated rate. 

And bookings close on Monday 30th March WITH NO EXCEPTION!  You have been warned!!
Introducing our Fundraising Manager




I'm George and I have recently started with CMT United Kingdom and I am here to fundraise on your behalf.


I currently live in Birmingham, but work from the Bournemouth office for three days per week. I have to say I am very taken with Dorset and so who knows I may leave the Urban City for a beach lifestyle !!


I have worked in the charity and not for profit sector for about 25 years and am passionate about the difference the sector makes to many people's lives.  Recently I have worked  with VSO (Voluntary Services Overseas) but I have also worked in Cancer Research, both Adult and Children's hospices, services for troubled young people and also Museums' and Arts organisation. So I've been around a bit!


I am keen to develop the fundraising here at CMT and will do my best to work towards the ambitious strategic goals set for the next five years. I am keen to share with you my ideas and the fundraising will operate on multi levels. I really hope we can engage with people who would like to take part in one of our events ranging from Challenging Runs, Swims, Walks, Skydives or for the more adventurous one of our Overseas Treks. I will of course be encouraging supports to organise their own fully supported activities on behalf of CMT UK.


That said, if we are to reach our ambitious target we will also have to raise significant income from Trusts & Foundations and Private Philanthropy and I see this as my special focus.


On a personal level I am a keen mountain trekker and I hope to take on another Himalayan Challenge later this year.


Oh yes, and I have an Airedale Terrier called Lulu.


I look forward to meeting you all and to raising funds for CMT UK






CMT: A Practical Guide

The long awaited third edition of our exclusive book is almost finished - just got to sort out a few last odds and ends, and hopefully, by the next E-ComMenT, I'll be able to let you know that it's ready to be downloaded free (if you're a member) or purchased (if you're not!).  It's been quite dramatically rewritten, with the help of many of our advisers, including Mary Reilly, who has updated large wodges of text for us.

Watch this space.....

And if anyone has experience of publishing on Kindle or any of the other e-book types, and can help with that, we would LOVE to hear from you.  I gather it's a bit of a nightmare....!

Grand Prize Draw
Don't forget to send back your Grand Prize Draw tickets - the funds raised from the Draw make quite a contribution to our day to day running costs, so they are really important to us.   If you are a supporter, you won't receive tickets automatically (to save postage costs) but if you'd like some, please do email, and I'll pop them in the post.

You might have noticed that we've upped the prize fund this year - this is what is known as a "sprat to catch a mackerel" - will you be that mackerel, I wonder?! However, our source for other donated gifts has dried up, so if anyone works for a particularly generous company who would like to donate something suitable for a prize, or if there is anything you can do to help us source goodies, your help would be much appreciated! 
The words Enter to Win in a starburst of colorful fireworks to illustrate entering or winning a contest, raffle or lottery where a jackpot or money is up for grabs

Upgrade Membership
To all our Supporters, we're still hoping that you will consider upgrading - it's a simple and easy way of contributing to the "health" of CMT United Kingdom, and your subscription helps us do our day to day work, and so much more!   

You can download the form to use here!

We're also in the process of totally revamping the website!  I know, it doesn't seem like five minutes since the last revamp, but it's been four years, and with the rate that technology is changing, we have to keep it current!  Nigel Holland, one of our members, is doing the rebuild, and from what I've seen so far, I think you'll like it - it'll be TOTALLY different to the current look.  I'm not sure when it'll be up and running - there's no huge rush, there's a lot to get right first, so we'll keep you informed.  Hopefully, with a bit of luck and a fair wind, we may be able to import your log-ins from the present system. 

One thing that will be disappearing is the Forum - it's hardly ever used these days, and does get subjected to spam occasionally.  So it'll be replaced with a "secret" Facebook group, that will be by invitation only - not sure exactly how it'll work yet, but we will, of course, keep you informed.

Kind regards.



Karen Butcher, Chief Operating Officer

info@cmtuk.org.uk  |  01202 432048