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Three HUGE announcements from the Jolly Roger Telephone Company!

You are receiving this note because you are a subscriber to the Jolly Roger Telephone Company, or you expressed interest in my service via Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Facebook, or you sent me an email telling me to update you. I want to say that I’m very flattered by your interest. Just to review, the Jolly Roger Telephone Company builds robots to combat telemarketing. If you hate telemarketing (and everyone hates telemarketing!), then you’ll love the Jolly Roger Telephone bots.
Since I find telemarketing objectionable, you can probably understand that I’m reluctant to push a bunch of marketing at you. While I have been posting calls to YouTube, Facebook, my podcast, and my blog, I occasionally hear from people who don’t use any of those things. I respect those people. Until recently, I didn’t use any of those things either. Although, since I’ve been dragged into the world of social media I’m surprised to say that I’m kind of enjoying it. But it’s possible that some of you are not aware of our progress since Jolly Roger Telephone “went viral”.
I am just an ordinary guy. I have always had a phone, but I hated getting telemarketer calls. I just happen to be pretty good at programming telephone systems, so I programmed a bot to talk to telemarketers for me. Then I released it to everyone and was surprised by all of the interest. It is now a subscription service. For only $6/year, you can use these bots as much as you’d like. There’s a list of them at Most of you are using these bots and I hope they are serving you well.
The reason I am sending you this note is to tell you three exciting things. If you don’t follow my blog or Facebook page, then these will be news to you:

Roger's Request
Indian Police Bust IRS ‘Scam Center’

Is anyone still getting calls from the "IRS?" I have a bot for these calls. Conference in 206-259-4978!

Roger's Podcast
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Or just search your podcast app for "Jolly Roger Telephone."
I can automatically protect your landlines from telemarketers!
If you are like me and really want to keep your landline, you probably get lots of telemarketing calls. However, if you are using a telemarketer blocking service, Jolly Roger Telephone is better . It is called the “Landlubber” service. It utilizes a feature that you probably already have on your landline called “Simultaneous Ring”. With this service, a Jolly Roger bot will intercept the telemarketer calling your home and waste their time. If you just ignore them, hang up, or block them with a telemarketer blocking service, then it doesn’t cause them any pain. You have only blocked their machine and they’ll call again tomorrow. And the next day.  Blocking them does not stop them. Neither does the “Do Not Call” registry.  Jolly Roger bots cause the telemarketing industry lots of pain by engaging with a human telemarketer and wasting several minutes of their time. With the Landlubber service, this is completely automatic. You don’t have to do any work. Click here for details about the service and how to set it up. 
You can “Summon a Pirate”
via text message!
If you have been using the Jolly Roger Telephone Service, you may have found it can be difficult to get a telemarketer to wait for you to conference in a Jolly Roger bot. The process requires you to dial a second number and merge the two calls together. This can take a few seconds and requires a bunch of button presses.  With the “Summon a Pirate” service, all you have to do is send me a text at
while you’re talking to the telemarketer (and most people are comfortable sending texts during a phone call). Within a few seconds, a bot will call you back! All you have to do is press “answer-hold” and then “merge”. Oh, you should also press “mute” so the telemarketer cannot hear you laughing. You might want to press “speaker” so your friends, family, or office-mates can hear the conversation too. You can even “Summon a Pirate” to your landline using your mobile phone. Click here for details about this service. 
I will be speaking at the TEDx Naperville event
November 4th, 2016!
Remember – I’m just a regular person like you are. Well, I’m probably quieter and more introverted. All I want is to work on telephone systems and take care of my family. This bot was simply designed to protect my landline and stop telemarketers from annoying us at home. In retrospect, it makes sense that you would like this too, but I was surprised at the worldwide interest in this technology and it is my pleasure to provide it to as many people as possible. Now I have been invited to speak at the TEDx event in Naperville, IL on November 4th. I am nervous and thrilled. I am simply trying to combat telemarketing in an entertaining and effective way. I cannot believe I am sharing the stage with such amazing people.
Click here for more information about this event.
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