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May 11, 2017  

News from Connecticut LISC 

Helping Neighbors Build Communities in Connecticut

Our state's high housing costs challenge our sustainability, yet affordable housing provides an opportunity to build stronger communities and a stronger Connecticut. With affordable housing, families live healthier lives, achieve in school and jobs, and improve their economic futures. That is why LISC strives to ensure all families have access to secure, stable homes in vibrant and inclusive communities.
Strategic Investments & Partners

Housing, Health & Financial Well-being 
Research shows affordable housing provides a family with greater economic self-sufficiency, better health and improved educational outcomes. One NYC LISC study showed that moving to affordable housing is the equivalent of receiving a 30% wage increase. That savings allows families to spend a third more on healthier foods and five times as much on preventive healthcare and medicine, while also saving twice as much for retirement as peers who don't have affordable housing. Other studies show that stable, high quality affordable housing reduces chronic and stress-related illnesses such as asthma, hypertension, diabetes and depression. Health outcomes improve for adults and children alike, including the percentage of "well" babies with healthy birth weights. For all these reasons, LISC is proud to assist communities that are providing affordable housing for their residents.

New Homes in Norfolk
CT-DOH Commissioner Evonne Klein leads the way breaking ground in Norfolk 
The Foundation for Norfolk Living is an example of the many LISC partners working in Connecticut's small towns. They recently broke ground on their first development - Norfolk Town Center Rentals in the Historic District in the center of Norfolk, in Litchfield County. The development includes rehabilitation of five historic two-family homes and the construction of a new one, for a total of 12 apartments. LISC provided an acquisition loan for the properties and has provided technical assistance. Construction has already begun, with completion expected by the end of the year.

30 Years of Homes & Hope 
This year marks the 30th anniversary of LISC's affiliate, the National Equity Fund (NEF). LISC marks this milestone with reflections on the great accomplishments from LISC President Maurice Jones and NEF President, Joe Hagan.  Please read the story

Coming Home to Small-Town Connecticut     
Ferry Crossing, Old Saybrook, CT 
In many of our small towns, local residents are working to expand the supply of affordable housing. LISC recently published a national story describing LISC's work with local partners in Connecticut's small towns. Please take a look.
Funder Focus

Thanks for your leadership & suppport!
Over the years, Citi has been a tremendous partner to LISC. In addition to Citi's investments, their Connecticut State Community Development Director, Lily Lopez, gives freely of her time and expertise in her role on the Connecticut Statewide LISC Local Advisory Committee.  
Prudential has also been a long term partner for LISC, providing very valuable support to Hartford LISC. We are grateful to both Citi and Prudential for their strategic vision and their support of LISC in Connecticut.
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The Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) brings financial expertise and resources to urban, rural and suburban communities by partnering with local organizations.  For information about LISC's strategic investments, innovative projects or capabilities, please contact or call us at 860-525-4821.


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