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Save the Date: Luncheon June 19th
Attend the Clean Air Awards Luncheon May 27th
First Cap-and-Trade Investments in Sac Region
New Partnership with FEMA
CAP Quarterly Luncheon

CAP Quarterly Luncheon:


June 19, 2015

11:30 AM - 1:30 PM


Cap-and-Trade is a new source of funding to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the State of California.  Join the next Cleaner Air Partnership Luncheon to learn more about the status of Cap-and-Trade funded projects in the Sacramento region, and future opportunities to secure the Sacramento region gets its fair share of funding.


More details to come.

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Celebrate Clean Air Champions on May 27th

Few seats remain for the Clean Air Awards Luncheon


The Sacramento region consistently ranks as one of the unhealthiest for air quality in the nation.  On May 27th, meet the people who are doing something about it. 


Celebrate the efforts of the Sacramento region's 2015 Clean Air Champions at Breathe California of Sacramento-Emigrant Trails' 39th Annual Clean Air Awards Luncheon.  The event includes a sustainably-sourced lunch and time to network with local businesses and community leaders.  The luncheon will be a "Zero Waste Event."  


The keynote speaker is Cheri Chastain, Sustainability Manager for Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.  Cheri is responsible for Sierra Nevada Brewing Company's (SNBC) renewable energy management; zero waste efforts; implementing alternative fuel options; and water conservation and reuse.  In addition to being the nation's sixth largest brewer, SNBC generates more than 70% of their electricity onsite through clean and renewable sources, diverts 99.8% of their total solid waste from landfill, and operates their own in-vessel onsite composting system. 


A limited number of seats remain.  Purchase your ticket here today!


Event Information:

Date: May 27, 2015

Time: 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM

Location: Sacramento State Union Ballroom

Tickets: Here

Cap-and-Trade Dollars at Work

First investments in the Sacramento region


This week Grid Alternatives kicked off its solar installation program in the Sacramento region funded by Cap-and-Trade dollars. This project represents one of the first Cap-and-Trade investments on the ground in the Sacramento region. 


Grid Alternatives is the statewide administrator of the solar component of Community Services & Development's Low Income Weatherization Program. Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon kicked off the event at a private home in South Sacramento, noting that SB 535, the legislation that requires Cap-and-Trade investments to prioritize disadvantaged communities, will provide protection for the state's most vulnerable communities that are on the front line of health hazards due to pollution. 


Grid Alternative is partnering with Sacramento Regional Conservation Corps to train students on solar installation. This type of partnership is an example of collaborating to increase the co-benefits of the Cap-and-Trade programs. Grid Alternatives is counting on the visibility of solar installations, and other outreach, to mobilize neighbors to also install these subsidized solar panels through the program, saving up to $800 per year on energy costs.


Cap-and-Trade programs will fund, especially within targeted disadvantaged communities, programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through weatherizing homes, saving water and energy, building affordable housing close to public transportation, and reducing transportation emissions. 


To learn more about the status of Cap-and-Trade applications in the Sacramento region, and what's ahead, join the next CAP Luncheon on June 19th.  Stay tuned for more details.

Business Resiliency Project a Hit with FEMA

Air Quality team brings regional priorities to DC


Air Quality Team members Tara Thronson, Mat Ehrhardt, Becky Wood and Larry Greene

An Air Quality team meeting with a top leader at FEMA during the Metro Chamber's Capitol-to-Capitol program put the region's  Business Resiliency Initiative (BRI) on the path to a new federal partnership.


Marcus Pollock, Chief of Standards and Technology at FEMA, met with a group of business and government leaders on the Cap-to-Cap Air Quality team to hear more about the new project and suggest ways his agency could help.  


The Business Resiliency Initiative began late last fall as a joint project of local governments, utilities and business groups to provide hands-on help to small businesses who are at risk of closing due to natural disasters, many of which are being accelerated by changes in our climate.


Pollock was impressed with the ingenuity of the effort, and the pipeline to small business.  He stated that based on the presentation from the Sacramento delegation and an advanced review of the project, he had pre-authorization from his leadership to strike up a new partnership to advance technical advice and tools to help business owners using BRI, putting Sacramento in the position of serving as a national pilot.


The Air Quality team also discussed with legislators and agencies the importance of continuing incentive-based funding solutions to reduce transportation-related emissions in the next transportation bill, and federal grant programs to local air agencies that are implementing federal monitoring requirements.  

The Cleaner Air Partnership  is a joint project of Breathe California of Sacramento-Emigrant Trails, the Sacramento Metro Chamber of Commerce and Valley Vision to help the Sacramento Region meet clean air standards that protect health and promote economic growth.