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Holy Cross continues strong

Wow, it's nearly the end of May and the school year will soon come to an end.  Once again the students have been busy with a great mix of book learning, sports and art. I went around the classrooms to find out just a small portion of what has been going on. 

Enjoy reading.
Sports day is another success
May is when we have sports day, where the 4 houses compete at fun games for the bragging rites of their house being champions. It's a fun day to watch and be part of and in the end..... GREEN house won for the third year running. Well done!

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Std 5 get into their book reports
Std 5 with Ms Virginia recently did book reports... with a twist! In addition to telling about the book, they also dressed up as the main character and did a sales pitch to convince others to 'buy' their book. Here Cameron pitches Borry and the Slick Yaymz Gang, and Reina gets into her role for Little Women. 
Amazing Art
Oregon artist Clyde Kirkpatrick and his wife Sharon, a social worker, have volunteered at Holy Cross year round for several years, providing art lessons and counseling to our students. The students love to paint. 
Click here to see some of their pictures
Student Poetry
Standard 4 (6th Grade) were challenged to write poetry about the Fringe, that strip of land between ocean and island. Here are some of my favorites.

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Graduate Reunion
Are you in contact with any of our graduates? Please help us spread the word about the Reunion Party to celebrate Holy Cross' 10th Anniversary. It's on June 18, and all attendees should RSVP to Linda Carter at

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Are you passionate about helping kids get an education despite barriers? Maybe you can help by providing a scholarship.

Primary Scholarships are $450 US per student per year, which includes tuition, books and a hot lunch each school day.

High School Scholarships are $1000 US per year, and cover books, tuition and uniform.

Donations towards scholarships are tax deductible if donated through the Holy Cross Education Foundation, a US 501(c)3.

Contact Linda Carter at to find out more about scholarships and to get the details of a student in need.
Mayor Danny visits Holy Cross
Last but not least we were pleased to welcome the Mayor of San Pedro, Mr Danny Guerrero, who payed a formal visit to the school. He toured the school, enjoyed presentations by the students, spoke the students about the importance of staying in school and being a good citizen, and spoke with Principal Rodney Griffith about building needs at the school.
Thank you for reading, and for continuing to support our 'little' school in Belize. I'll be back in touch in July as our summer building project gets underway.


Lydia Brown
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