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Meet Berney


One quiet evening at the farm, we heard some unfamiliar pig noises outside of the fence and discovered a stray piglet conversing with one of our pigs.  He followed the donkeys along the fence, snorting, grunting, and oinking every step of the way. This little piggy clearly wanted to come inside and join the animal family. Berney's mother may have been shot by a hunter, leaving him as an orphanAfter arranging for our veterinarian to neuter Berney, we brought him into the Sanctuary. For a feral pig, Berney is quite tame -- he comes running to us when we call his name and flops onto his side for belly rubs and kisses on the snout. Berney is dearly loved and will live a happy life in which all his needs are met, and in a secure environment where he is protected from hunters and loose dogs. 

Outstanding Volunteer - Valerie Blumberg

 Valerie Blumberg 


Valerie demonstrates her commitment to Leilani Farm Sanctuary by taking care of the morning rounds at the farm twice a week. She said she loves carrying out the tasks, which include providing fresh water and hay to the animals, grain to the chickens, ducks, and geese, pig pellets to the blind pig, special meals to goats with dietary requirements, in addition to cleaning the barns and paddocks, and spraying fly repellent on the donkeys. We are so grateful to Valerie for her exemplary hard work and devotion to the animals! To join us as a volunteer, please email info@leilanifarmsanctuary.org.



A Gentle Thanksgiving


   Freedom versus Exploitation


Please consider saving a life this Thanksgiving by skipping the turkey for dinner. There are countless, delicious dishes that can be substituted for the bird. For a variety of great recipes, click here.



Each year, more than 40 million innocent turkeys are brutally transported and inhumanely slaughtered after spending their lives crammed inside filthy warehouses. You can vote against cruelty to animals with your shopping dollars by opting to enjoy a healthy and gentle Thanksgiving.




Animal Photo Gallery



Leilani Farm Sanctuary has a new site for ordering prints and cool merchandise with photos of animals! You can get 

t-shirts, totes, or various size prints to decorate your home and office. These make great gifts for friends. 

All proceeds go directly toward caring for rescued animals. Click here to make your selections!



Holiday Gifts
Make your holiday shopping easy by giving your family members the gift of compassion by sponsoring a rescued animal or animals. Your loved ones will receive an original hand-made card, including a story about the animal and an adoption certificate bearing his or her photograph. This special gift will be appreciated by the recipient and also benefit the animals. 

 Sponsor a Rescued Animal



Leave a Legacy


Including Leilani Farm Sanctuary in your estate plans demonstrates your deep commitment to a compassionate tomorrow. Leilani Farm Sanctuary is grateful to all of our Legacy Members who have made a commitment to the future care of rescued animals, and to the continuation of humane education through their planned gifts.



About the Sanctuary


Home to goats, rabbits, geese, donkeys, cats, pigs, ducks, deer, tortoises and chickens, Leilani Farm Sanctuary is located on an 8-acre farm in Haiku, Maui. It is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization created to provide shelter and care for rescued animals, and humane education to the community. 






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