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Free Comedy Showcase in Long Beach
September 2010



Anniversary cake

Laugh-A-Latte celebrated its 3rd anniversary at the Hot Java Coffeehouse in Long Beach, CA on January 16th, 2010. Pictured above is the cake with a photo of last year's cake on it. It's a cake within a cake on a cake. Ken and Sergio (owners of Hot Java) are even wearing the same color shirts. Let's see how long we can keep that traditional going.

Hot Java owners and baristas, Ripples owner John, and the bakery went all out for this momentous occasion. The place was packed and we had a star studded line-up of comics. You're always guaranteed a full of evening of fun at Laugh-A-Latte.

The show takes place every third Saturday of the month and includes first-time comics as well as stand-up veterans from LOGO and Comedy Central. An always versatile gourmet blend of comedians perform to standing room only audiences for the price of a cup of coffee, a pastry or a sandwich. Laugh-A-Latte is produced and hosted by Carlease! a comic and an actress seen in commercials, TV shows and films such as The Terminal and In Her Shoes. She travels and hosts on Olivia Cruises as well as Pride Festivals all over the country.

Ken and Sergio say the locals look forward to the monthly comedy show and have started arriving an hour early to get a seat.

Come on down and LAUGH-A-LATTE on September 18, 2010.

Comics with Ken & Sergio

Ken Davis Laugh-A-Latte audience


2101 E. Broadway
Long Beach, CA 90803
Showtime 8PM

Our line up includes:
Cate Gary
Marilyn Lopez
Sven Amsterdam
Tracie Walker
Katsy Chappell
Johnnie Walker
Roz Esposito
Gina Rodgers
Julie Goldman
Sign Language Interpretation by Tom "Hot Fingers" O'Malley

Comic of the Month


Julie Goldman

Laugh-A-Latte is uber honored to have Julie Goldman headline the September 18th show.
She's performed all over the country and around the world on Olivia cruises and is one of the stars of The Big Gay Sketch Show on LOGO.
Betsy Salkind calls her "A Comedy Rock Star".
You don't want to miss this show!!!
Current Projects

To view the sizzle reel for Carlease's solo show,
FIFTY! It Doesn't Look This Good On Everybody
and her
National GEICO commercial
"A Bird in the Hand"
Click here

Read her daily blog:
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(only friendly comments accepted)

Celebrity Sightings

Boston Legal, Carol Ann and me

That's me hanging with 3 cast members of Boston Legal: David Dean Bottrell, Mary Gross (also from Saturday Night Live) and the Emmy award winning Christian Clemenson. In the middle is my dear friend Carol Ann Susi (Big Bang Theory).

Photo Credit: Phil Amato Photography

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2010 Shows

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September 18
October 16
November 20
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8:00 PM

Ask Stage Mom
Dear Stage Mom,
I haven't been doing stand up for very long but it seems like my material fits a very specific demographic. I've just been asked to do a show for a different type of audience and I'm a bit worried about how my act will be received. Should I refuse the gig?
~Shakey Legs

Dear Shakey,

Congratulations on the gig and for the opportunity to try out an advanced technique, adjusting to your audience. We all want to be comfortable on stage but after awhile our acts can feel stale. One way of keeping it fresh is to try different ways to deliver our jokes, re-arranging our set list or letting the audience steer for a change.

It is possible to do the same set in various settings. If you're in a loud raunchy bar, you could get away with cuss words and blue material but in a church you would tone it down. Way down.

Sometimes I go to a gig with a general idea of what I might a talk about then sit in the back of the room and watch the audience to get a feel for who they are and what they might like. I try to incorporate what's going on at the moment into my act and let something I've just observed lead me into one of my bits. I also pick up clues from the other comics in the show. They can also lead you into a joke or discourage you from repeating the same subject matter.

I think it's a great exercise to workout in front of as many different audiences as possible. It's called building your chops.


Email your questions about acting, comedy, solo show production or any aspect of show business to bitsnpieces@verizon.netand I'll answer them in the next months's Ask Stage Mom.

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