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April is National Humor Month, so take every opportunity you have to smile, laugh, share a joke or brighten up someone's day. According to the Mayo Clinic, laughter can stimulate circulation, improve your mood, increase your heart rate and relax you. Laughter can be incredibly therapeutic...for everyone!  Read more
National Foot Month

April is also National Foot Month, so while you're enjoying a good laugh, pay special attention to those feet too!  Foot health is of particular concern to older adults with diabetes. Be sure to check foot conditions every day, since issues might be present even in the absence of pain.  For warning signs related to diabetes and foot health, and tips on managing diabetes, click here
A Little About Leah
" I would say that my biggest accomplishment in the homecare field is that I have truly  helped families in need and that is something that I always carry with me "

As the Lead Scheduling Coordinator, Leah Sellers ensures that every client has the care they need, day or night.  She works endlessly to make sure that the match between client and caregiver is just right.  Leah has been in the health care field for nearly 20 years on both the clinical and administrative side.  Her education as a Certified Nursing Assistant provides her with insight into being a caregiver.  Leah is very passionate about getting to know both the caregivers and the clients to not only ensure a good match but simply to learn about people and their stories.  She gets lots of fulfillment out of helping families through that difficult first call about their loved one needing care to the days when they have been matched with the appropriate caregiver.  When Leah isn't working she is doing beautiful acrylic paintings and spending time with her family, two cats and a dog!
April Events & Adventures
Michelle Toft, Cypress' Director of Memory Programs speaks around the Valley on a wide variety of topics related to dementia and caring for your loved one with dementia.  Michelle can answer your questions, provide valuable resources and support. Please call with any questions or suggestions for helpful future speaking topics. Here is where she'll be in April:
Wishing You The Happiest  of Birthdays!
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