Dear FlyLady, Laundry Sorter

I am so grateful for the FlyLady Laundry Sorter. It has streamlined our laundry routine because the clothes are already sorted when it is time to toss in a load of laundry.

Even though it has convenient handles for carrying it around, we always keep our Laundry Sorter in the laundry/storage room in our basement. The sorter sits on the top shelf of a folding-style bookcase. That puts it at a good height and still leaves plenty of room on the lower two shelves for a box of rags and any overflow of canned goods from the pantry.

Whenever we have any dirty clothes, bedding, or towels, we simply toss them down our "diagonal laundry chute", otherwise known as the basement stairs, LOL! If we miss the spot we are aiming for, we do get a little extra exercise by having to retrieve the item(s) so no one trips over them, but we are getting pretty good at this game and the laundry usually lands in the corner. It only takes a few seconds on the next trip downstairs to scoop up whatever is in the pile and put it in the appropriate compartment of the Laundry Sorter. When a compartment is full, it is time to do laundry. It only takes seconds to start a load because the laundry is already sorted.

Laundry, much to my surprise, has become a non-issue. Because it is so simple, I usually find everything already in the sorter when I go to do laundry, and sometimes I find that the laundry has already been washed because someone noticed that a compartment was full. The guys tend to take care of it on their way to or from their basement "man cave". What, MY family doing laundry without being asked!  That is the magic of making things simple, quick, and even a little fun.

All that's left for me to do is hang the clean clothes on wooden hangers (plastic hangers would also work) on a rod on our back porch and move them to the closet when they are dry. I make sure there is always a supply of both pants hangers and regular hangers already on the rod. For items that get folded, I hang them on a wooden drying rack in such a way that they are already folded in half, so there is
less folding to do when they are dry. In the winter I put the drying rack over a heat vent and everything dries very quickly; as a bonus, the moisture from the laundry humidifies the dry indoor air. Sorting by person seems to happen spontaneously either when hanging or when putting away. This is so quick and easy, the guys sometimes do this, too.

No more Mt. Washmore for us!

Flying in Oregon

You are not behind! I don't want you to try to catch up; I just want you to jump in where we are. O.K.?

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