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November 13,  2012


Well here's a late Happy New Year!


My assistant Daniel Sabio and I were in Brazil for New Year's and filmed until Feb. 4, the day we flew back.  I was still out filming that morning!  We've been hard at work logging and transferring the footage ever since we've gotten back and I still am far from seeing it all.  This is the very exciting and OMG stage of how will it all come together!!  Once again sending incredible gratitude to all of our great backers!


In the meantime here's my schedule for the year, not doing too much because the film is our focus.  I'll be at Omega in June, our annual Intensive Frame Drum retreat is in July, and I'll be at Rowe in October, beautiful time of the year for the mountains of western MA!


There's a wonderful percussion festival happening here in Asheville in June, and Debra Roberts and I will be doing a 6 part series live online video course:  



Ancient traditions of the bee priestesses awakening in our lives today! 


The first episode is free and will be on April 11 at 8pm (the other five sessions will begin in July), but you must register to receive information on how to join us on Google Hangout.  





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