Take a moment and imagine...
You dropped the ball.
Can't remember the critical opening line of your speech or presentation.
You hit reply all.
Forgot that one critical piece of information.
Failed to plan ahead, or see the entire picture.
Imagine if you will, that giant mistake.
If you're anything like me, when the realization hits...

IT'S ALMOST HERE! You don't want to miss this.
Starting April 19 @ 9 am

How can you master perceptions to be a more effective communicator + leader?

In this class you'll learn: 
- How to lead with your values
- What your dominant leadership style is and how to practice new styles
- How to influence change in your firm
-How to appreciate different approaches to conflict and discover new ones
- How to develop a clear path to accountability for yourself and how to hold peers accountable

How is this class is different?
- Convenient online venue
- Recordings of all sessions
- Not just education, but application
- Accountability for your goals

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J im Loehr + Tony Schwartz

What if you measured energy instead of time?  What if we took courses in energy management instead of time management? Well this book is exactly that - a course in understanding and maximizing your energy, including worksheets and logs to provide a new and sustainable habit of taking care of yourself, so you can be the best you want to be in the world...


Professional presence is tough to define because it's a complex mixture of hard to assess qualities like confidence, body language, intonation, style, authenticity, self-awareness, and more. As we progress in our career paths there is a clear need to exhibit higher and higher levels of professional presence (P2) to influence and affect the direction of your organization. So, how do you raise your P2?

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