Spring Should Not be Taxing.
Use New Energy to Change a Few Habits!
Dear Valued Client

Tax Season is done. Whether you got all your paperwork done, or paid your estimate and extended until October, that distraction is behind you. Time to get back to your real job!

Last month we shared ideas for launching Q2 productively, building on the accomplishments of Q1. If you need a refresher, open our blog article here . Even with April ending, it still pays off to take the steps recommended in that article. There is never a bad time to start improving leadership habits!

Next, let’s dive into two perennial issues of any workplace that you as a leader can aggressively address in May:

1.    Employees never completely disconnect from work, and never fully recharge their
mental batteries.
2.    Interpersonal conflict between team members is a constant drag on morale and

You can tackle both with some simple adjustments to your leadership approach.

We are a nation of “anti-slackers.” We may not be very engaged in our work (only 25% on average according to Gallup and others) but we are afraid of appearing less than fully committed to our jobs. So as a group we don’t take all the time off we should, even in the evening and on weekends. If the boss sends a weekend e-mail, we feel compelled to respond, even if it isn’t urgent. We don’t wish to appear either inattentive or disrespectful. We stay tuned in when we are supposed to be tuning work out!

You, as a boss need to understand that. More to the point, you need to resist the impulse to fire off communiques at all hours of the day and night, because this simply moves the mental burden of dealing with the tasks to your employee, even if they cannot act on it until they return to work. So, resist the impulse to push stuff off your plate. Keep it there until Monday morning. Give your employees the time to disconnect their brains and relax. After all, research confirms that rested employees are more productive employees!

Leaders manage communication flows in ways that help employees keep a healthy work-life balance.

We all have experience working with jerks. It is part of the landscape of corporate America. We get a job that throws us into a diverse mix of people, some of whom act in ways that we might consider jerky. The offenders could be on our team or on teams with whom we work. As a leader you must figure out how to eliminate the jerky behavior and convert conflict into harmony.

Frankly, you need to start with the mindset that there are no jerks at work, only unproductive behavior patterns and mindsets that need to change. This is a leader’s role: Getting people to mesh and work together in highly collaborative ways.

If your job could talk, what competencies, internal motivators
and behaviors would it list as the critical skills needed to get
a person to perform your job at a high level?

You can talk to your job. Using our DNA Position Analysis process, we get the job to tell us these critical success factors. It doesn’t take very long (it can be done before lunch) and doesn’t cost very much (less than $3,000 in most cases.)

What can you do with this information?

  • Hire and promote people into the right roles
  • Get clarity on how to develop current employees
  • Quick and successful on-boarding - set them up for success
  • Objectively assess an employee’s capacity specific to the job

Our DNA Position Analysis has resulted in 30% higher employee retention and 20% increased productivity!

Contact us for more details here. Your job is asking for it!
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