Connecting job role to organizational mission raises productivity
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As we hit the halfway point in Quarter 2 2018, and head towards the summer vacation months, we pause to take stock of our successes and challenges. At Bovo-Tighe, part of that was looking through our website analytics results to find our most viewed site and blog pages. We found an interesting item.

By far our most popular blog post of the past 12 months was:

The article focused on how important it is in today’s business world to motivate employees with more than just “a day’s pay for a day’s work.” People, especially Millennials, need to forge a deeper connection between the work they are asked to do, and the bigger goals of the organization.

The interest in this article tells us the people who follow Bovo-Tighe are aware of the increased engagement and productivity that comes from connecting employees more tightly to the organizational mission. They achieve this by clarifying (and valuing) each employee's role within the scheme of things, answering these critical questions for each employee:

  • How important is your part of this enterprise?
  • How does your contribution impact and aid the work of the people around you?
  • How can I help you understand or believe that?
  • How can I help you get better at your role within the mission?

Here are the key steps managers are taking:

  • Assess each person’s internal motivators/values/drivers to better understand how to connect the person to the mission.
  • Profile the job with a DNA Position Analysis (see article below) to better understand the skill sets an individual needs in that role to perform at a high level.
  • Plan with them how to bridge the gap between the skills they have and the skills they need to better achieve their specific goals within the mission.
  • Support their efforts to fulfill the improvement plan with check-ins, resource acquisition, connections with other people, intervention with collaborating teams, etc.

Demand excellence, while helping each person to achieve it!

Measure, track and review results with every employee each month, not just the laggards.
Reviewing every employee’s progress toward mutually set goals is much more effective in building the high-engagement team culture you seek.

Applied technology does raise productivity at work, if the people who need to apply the technology are part of the decision-making process, understand why it is valuable, and how they need to work it. Failing that human factor, technology will not help.

If your job could talk, what competencies, internal motivators
and behaviors would it list as the critical skills needed to get
a person to perform your job at a high level?

You can talk to your job. Using our DNA Position Analysis process, we get the job to tell us these critical success factors. It doesn’t take very long (it can be done before lunch) and doesn’t cost very much (less than $3,000 in most cases.)

What can you do with this information?

  • Hire and promote people into the right roles
  • Get clarity on how to develop current employees
  • Quick and successful on-boarding - set them up for success
  • Objectively assess an employee’s capacity specific to the job

Our DNA Position Analysis has resulted in 30% higher employee retention and 20% increased productivity!

Contact us for more details here. Your job is asking for it!
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