1 March 2018
Our 8th grade students show their leadership and prepare for Catholic high school by replacing their polo shirt uniform with business attire on Fridays.
Greetings from Mr. Gault

Fashion Friday has arrived at The De La Salle School! The leaders of the school, our eighth-grade class, have designated each Friday going forward as a day for them to dress in business attire. In lieu of their school uniform polo shirt they have opted to wear a shirt and tie. This student-lead initiative was a desire by the students to prepare themselves for the next phase of their education in a Catholic High School, and to be role models for their younger Lasallian brothers.
The Winter Olympics in South Korea may have come to an end; however, The De La Salle School Olympics have just begun. Mr. Donodeo and his eighth-grade homeroom, randomly divided the school population into three teams, Team Norway, Team Germany and Team Canada. Of course, these teams represent the three top medal winners from the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. Students will engage in various events during their gym class and recess, as well as have the opportunity to gain bonus points for their team through academic challenges and extra credit projects. We will keep you posted on the results of the games here in Freeport and who the top medal winners are for The De La Salle School Winter Olympics.
This week we were happy to welcome Brother Richard Galvin, FSC to our school. Brother Richard is the Auxiliary Visitor for the Brothers District of Eastern North America. He was making his official visit to the Brothers community in Freeport and spent three days visiting the school. It was a wonderful opportunity for him to get to know our students and staff as well as see for himself the great Lasallian education that is happening here in Freeport. We extend to all of our friends and benefactors an invitation to visit with us and experience first-hand the miracle that we call The De La Salle School.
Peace and blessings to all this Lenten season,
William L. Gault
Executive Director.

The De La Salle School Oympic Games!

Below, the fifth grade competes in the "Bobsled", "Basketball Biathalon", 
"Speed Skating" and "Cross Country Skiing".

Visit from our Auxiliary Visitor
Brother Richard Galvin, FSC

Brother Richard greets 8th grade students Jorge and Miguel.
Fellow Jaspers Mr. Donodeo and Brother Richard.

Brother Richard participates in Mrs. Rainone's 8th grade music class.
Week of 12 February

Word of the Week - xenophobia (n.) - intense or irrational dislike or fear of people from other countries.

Gentleman of the Week - Jaime, 7th Grade
Writer of the Week - Joseth, 7th Grade
Artist of the Week - Jay, 8th Grade 
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