A Positive, Forward-Looking Mindset Reaps Great Rewards
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Leadership is a journey, right? And the path winds over the river and through the woods where distracting trees keep you from seeing your long-term horizon. So, your default attitude plays a critical role in staying the course and achieving career success. Plus, it takes a team to succeed, including your supporting cast of mentors, coaches and peers. How aligned is your support team with your desired path towards that horizon?

Let’s explore some of these career elements in more detail.

Positivity Beats Negativity

The power of positive thinking may be a cliché, but it remains a critical leadership mindset. How else to fight off the "ample negative headwinds" of a long professional career and thrive? Find out more. Click through!

How Should People Support You?

A manager is ultimately responsible for his or her own leadership growth. But the support team of bosses, coaches and mentors who are investing time in the manager's success play active roles, as well. How best to play your supportive role?

Help Your Followers Succeed, Too.

Employee engagement drives workplace productivity. We have a suggestion for a key mindset to adopt that will pay high dividends.

Ask a simple question every day:

How can I help my people succeed in their roles?
Answer the question, act on the answers, and you will see productivity rise. Guaranteed!

If you want to delve further into the types of leadership mindsets we recommend to build employee engagement and team productivity,

Explore the five steps to take in building that engagement mindset.
Let The Cream of Your Talented Employee Crop Develop Naturally.

Cream takes time to rise, so you must have the patience to let the milk separate on its own. Picking high-potential employees too quickly is like shaking the milk jug and skimming off the muddled milk/cream combo at the top. The true future stars are still hidden in the middle of the jug, having had no chance to rise. Patience, and a program of universal development, is the key to great leadership development. How best to do that?

Unleashing the Capacity of Your People
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