Everybody likes to think they're doing a good job. You probably are. But how do you know?

Because you're getting few, if any, complaints? Because you get sincere thanks and compliments from time to time?

Okay, that's nice. But how do you really know what's going on in the minds of your clients...and what may be stuck in their craws?

Bottom line: You can't know...unless you ask.

What am I saying?

Conducting structured interviews with your clients isn't a nice, optional thing to do. It's essential. 

It's really the only way to know how well you're doing and how you could do better.
In this article, I want share with you what I've learned from doing innumerable client interviews over the years...the dos and don'ts ...

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High performing cultures. Buzz words? At the root of performance is engagement, and we know employee engagement remains below 50%. Growing your culture is challenging, especially in a rapidly changing world. The legal industry is in the middle of unprecedented levels of change, and ultimately change impacts culture.
What is the potential of your firm? Start by continually asking  ...

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