Leadership Spring – Into Action on Engagement
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With the Spring Equinox just days away, evenings are longer and the sun rises earlier. With March soon behind us and winter fading, spirits rise with the temperature. It’s a perfect time to inject energy into those aspects of your personal leadership improvement program (remember those earnest January commitments?) It is also the chance to cash in that rising energy with a re-engagement initiative. Time to re-energize the troops under your command and reconnect them with your team mission.

Start, as always, with yourself.

Run an end-of quarter self-assessment.

Schedule a quarterly review with your boss. Cover interpersonal activity more than task achievement. Delve into pluses and minuses in real depth. This a conversation full of mutual respect, support and forward thinking/planning. No negativity allowed!

Your achievements are the sum of your habits. What you get done each day is built on the habitual way you approach your job and work relationships. So, holding onto bad habits, largely out of comfort, impedes your own career progress! How to swap those out for great habits? Read on for details and a path forward.

After you examine your own situation, involve your team.

Have the same conversations with your subordinates. Get a clear fix on where their personal improvement plans sit, and how you can guide them out of whatever rut they are in.

Once you have had your one-on-ones with your staff, you will have a better handle on how to get them the skills they need to succeed in their job (and career). We always emphasize that investing in people derives greater ROI than investing in physical assets. The cost of one new machine could cover leadership development for 100 front-line managers. And it offers a key competitive advantage, since most organizations have yet to cotton on to this simple idea.

If your job could talk, what competencies, internal motivators
and behaviors would it list as the critical skills needed to get
a person to perform your job at a high level?

You can talk to your job. Using our DNA Position Analysis process, we get the job to tell us these critical success factors. It doesn’t take very long (it can be done before lunch) and doesn’t cost very much (less than $3,000 in most cases.)

What can you do with this information?

  • Hire and promote people into the right roles
  • Get clarity on how to develop current employees
  • Quick and successful on-boarding - set them up for success
  • Objectively assess an employee’s capacity specific to the job

Our DNA Position Analysis has resulted in 30% higher employee retention and 20% increased productivity!

Contact us for more details here. Your job is asking for it!
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