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You've read books and articles about it, attended countless workshops on it, listened to scores of speakers tout its indispensability, and maybe struggled to figure out are effective leaders the result of nature or nurture, or both, wondering where are you in all of this.  You may feel fatigued from all the advice, theories and content striving to make sense out of it for you, your staff and your organization.  So, what do I have to share that you haven't read about before?  Great question.  Read on to learn my six ways to accelerate your leadership journey.

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What should leaders of government who want to build their 21st-century workforce do? Old models must be discarded in favor of proven approaches to create the Workplace of Tomorrow.  the Mejorando Group and the Alliance for Innovation are partnering in bringing the "Workforce of the Future " workshop to several cities around the nation.  I am delighted to be delivering this workshop as I focus on providing progressive and practical strategies and tools to help you and your organization attract, retain, and optimize talent all in the name of accelerating organizational performance.  Four workshops were held in the Fall and several are planned in 2018.  Visit the website to find out if a workshop is being held in your area soon.  If you are interested in hosting a regional workshop in your city or county, please contact me at patrick@gettingbetterallthetime.com.

I recently finished the book " The Geography of Genius" by Eric Weiner.  The author, a travel writer by trade, visits seven cities that at one time were centers of the innovation universe and gave rise to some of the most creative thinking in human history.  He seeks to unknot the threads that people who never considered themselves as big thinkers and who never heard of outside the box, instead had a mindset of there is no box in their efforts to unearth new ways of living, leveraging the human condition and advancing society.  What I found the most fascinating is his observation that it's when resources are most limited, we do our best and most creative thinking.  

Talent Development: Improving Personal and Workplace Performance

Navigating one's career can be a series of non-linear steps, but the key is that an upward trajectory is always achieved. A personal board of directors can be of great benefit to those young and even not-so-young professionals. Strengthen your personal brand. Specifically, your brand is your reputation.

A personal brand must highlight your distinctive strengths, yet must not be too self-promotional, which is an all-too-common error. Your brand must make you a team player who unquestionably adds  value to your current employer while concurrently allowing your evolution effortlessly into the next one. The focus should be on developing yourself, not promoting yourself.

Upcoming Conference Presentations

On November 15th, in Charlotte (NC) at the annual National League of Cities City Summit, Patrick will be presenting a Leadership Workshop, Revolutionizing Government in the 21st Century and serve as the keynote speaker for the "Share the Wisdom" awards ceremony sponsored by Microsoft.
On December 6th, in Monterey at the annual conference of the California Association of Public Employer Labor Relations Association (CALPELRA), Patrick will be presenting "Six Ways to Engineer Employee Engagement."
In St. Paul (MN), on December 7th at the Government Information Technology Symposium, Patrick will be presenting "Talent Management to Build a 21st Century Workforce."
On February 9th, in Glenwood Springs, Patrick will be presenting "Best Practices are the Enemy of Innovation" at the Colorado City/County Management Association Winter Conference.
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