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24th February 2012


LWF 12 - Part 4 - Leading a Learning Revolution

We're delighted to present you with the 4th and final instalment of essential viewing from the recent LWF 12 : Future of Learning Conference.


Stephen Heppell - Child Led Learning

"We need to trust our children to be good learners, we need to trust ourselves to be professionals, and we need to trust our systems to get out of the way"


Drawing upon real world examples and programmes Stephen Heppell discusses the impact of exponential technological change on learning calling for a greater involvement and participation in the design of learning and learning environments by the learners themselves.

Stephen Heppell


Francis Gilbert - Escaping the Education Matrix

In this searing polemic on our industrial scale education systems teacher and author, Francis Gilbert, discusses the myths and purpose of education, the promise and reality of the teaching profession, the negative impact of assessment on learning and how teachers construct their identity.

Francis Gilbert


Anthony Salcito - The New Classroom Experience

Anthony Salcito, Global Vice-President for Education, Microsoft discusses why technology and computers have yet to have a significant impact on education in the classroom.


In this talk Anthony explains why he believes technology can be used to make a difference on learning, how learners and teachers can be empowered with new techniques and experiences that connect them to 21st century skills that enable them not only contribute to the economic workforce but also to solve some of the challenges that we're facing on the planet.

Anthony Salcito


Jim Knight - If Steve Jobs designed Schools

Steve Jobs was a contradictory character, combining control freak and Zen Buddhist, and technology with design. He had a revolutionary impact on computing, animation, the music industry, printing, and publishing. Last year he and Bill Gates together expressed surprise at how little impact technology had had on schools. Jobs's wife is an educational reformer, he was a college dropout; but what would it have been like if Steve Jobs had focussed on education? What would the Jobs School be like?

Jim Knight


Emma Mulqueeny - Young Rewired State

Young Rewired State is the philanthropic arm of Rewired State and is a network of developers aged 18 and under. Its primary focus is to find and foster the young children and teenagers who are driven to teaching themselves how to code, how to program the world around them. This is a mighty challenge though well-supported with free tutorials online, but inevitably an isolating and solitary activity.

Emma Mulqueeny


Sir Ken Robinson - Leading a Learning Revolution

Sir Ken Robinson provides the closing statement for the LWF 12 conference under the theme "leading a learning revolution". Reforms are required for our industrial scale education systems but what forms shall they take, what will they value and what purpose shall they serve?


In closing the conference Sir Ken reflects upon earlier speakers statements and offers a call to action for the delegates to look at the future with a new determination based upon the challenges that future generations face and where our education systems will need to nurture the creative innovators upon which our future well-being will be placed.

Sir Ken Robinson


Musical Interlude - Lippy Kids - Elbow

For your musical edification and opening theme music for LWF 12



Upcoming events from Friends of LWF

Friends of LWF

Naace - Annual Conference - UK

Naace hosts its annual conference in Leicester from 8th-10th March

Members of the LWF Community receive a 10% discount on bookings for the conference (excluding the £50 School employee rate on the Saturday).

For full conference details and how to book see here

Mobile Learning Experience 2012 - USA

You're invited to sunny Phoenix, Arizona April 11-13 for Mobile Learning Experience 2012. In its second year, the conference is an international gathering of classroom teachers, administrators, technology coordinators, and others interested in reaching today's students. Registration closes March 19, 2012. Go to mobile2012.org

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