May 20, 2015

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Engineering Consulting Services

Providing graphical user interface enabling the monitoring of geothermal energy systems.


IT Support

Providing hands-on desktop support system and network management .



Supply Chain Management Services

Creating net value, building a competitive infrastructure,

& synchronizing supply
with demand.
View Our Manufacturing Extension Partners
Click the map below to view all 10 NYS Regional Technology Development Centers.

Help is available for expanding businesses!

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Funding Opportunities for Manufacturers

  • Money for Training
  • Money for Equipment
  • Money for Environmental
  • Money for Property
For more information on funding opportunities, contact John MacEnroe at 845-391-8214 ext. 3004 or
Join Our Growing Supply Chain Initiative

The Hudson Valley supply chain has quadrupled in the last year and continues to grow at a 10% rate each month. Don't miss out on igniting supply chain growth for your business.

For more information on supply chain, contact John MacEnroe at 845-391-8214 ext. 3004 or

professional 3D Print and Design Services to Businesses and Entrepreneurs in the Mid-Hudson Valley

The HVAMC contracts with regional businesses and individuals to supply 3D design and fabrication services.


In just the last 3 months since becoming operational, HVAMC has worked with almost 20 different businesses and individuals on design and print projects, ranging from electronics enclosures to a bouquet holder to industrial venting systems.


For more information, contact HVTDC at 845-391-8214 or Everton H. Henriques at

MEP - Innovation: The What, The How, RIGHT NOW!

Bring Your Ideas To Life With HVTDC


HVTDC offers computer-aided design services coupled with 3-D printing to help you explore your idea and bring it to the marketplace or to the patent office.


Call John MacEnroe 

 at 845-391-8214 x 3004 

Cornell Center for Materials Research

CCMR JumpStart Applications Now Open for NYS Small Businesses:

Click here for more info.


CCMR Shared Facilities:

Click here for more info. 


CCMR Industrial Collaboration Program (ICP):

Click here for more info.


CCMR Startup-Facilities program:

Click here for more info.


Cornell BEST:
Click here for more info.

Cornell Technology Acceleration & Maturation:
Click here for more info.

NYSERDA Biomimicry Program:
Click here for more info.

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Newburgh, NY 12550

P (845) 391-8214
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Practicing What We Preach: HVTDC's Lean Exercise 





It's not an occurrence with a starting point

and a clear-cut, precise end. It is a practice and a process, with each small step advancing us closer to our ultimate target, whatever that target may be.


Change can be daunting. From time to time, we form habits that we just can't shake - or simply don't want to shake. Sometimes, we are unaware of impending change. Other times, we are aware, but we just can't accept it. Read more.

Greyston Bakery: Not a Cookie Cutter Solution

The city of Yonkers is advancing thanks to the ambitious leadership of Greyston Bakery. Greyston is rapidly making strides toward becoming world class level operation thanks to their investment in process improvements and lean manufact uring.

Greyston has spent the past year improving the overall effectiveness of their day-to-day production practices. At the outset, they worked to institute an organizational strategy and structure during their personnel transition. Greyston then scaled up the bakery operation to include full production of cookies for Whole Foods Market, Inc. and brought back in-house brownie production that had been outsourced.

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HVTDC Event Planning
We at HVTDC would like to understand how YOU feel and where YOUR interests lie. We would be grateful if you could take a few seconds out of your day to complete this ONE-question survey here.
Enhancing Enterprise Value Through Supply Chain Optimization

This issue discusses a strategic consulting team's proprietary approach to helping organizations enhance enterprise value through supply chain optimization and describes a case study in which a client is on track to achieve a return on fees of 56 times.

Click here to read more. 

Looking to Export? 


There's some help for that...


By now, most of us have a smart phone. They've replaced our camera, our voice recorders, and our stereos. Whenever there is some task that we want to accomplish. someone (usually younger) will say, "there's an app for that..." App is jargon for application, defined here so I can use dialogue later ;^).


Many of our businesses are engaged in the international marketplace; some don't recognize it. Read more.

Manufacturing Trivia of the Month
The fountain ink pen introduced by Parker in 1941 that achieved legendary status has what number in its name?

A.  41
B.  51
C.  888
D.  5

Scroll down to see the answer!

HVTDC People Help Build Strong Communities Too

Elant Choice has named longtime Hudson Valley business development leader, John MacEnroe, as its new board chair. The appointment comes following the non-profit's recent spinoff from Elant, Inc. to focus its efforts on helping its clients age in their own homes.

Currently, MacEnroe is the Director of Business Development at the Hudson Valley Technology Development Center, where he has worked to grow the region's manufacturing and small technology company base. He is a recognized thought leader throughout the region in economic development, focusing on long-term systemic approaches and collaboration. Read more.

This Day In History

May 20, 1851: Emile Berliner of Germany, the inventor of the gramaphone, was born.

May 20, 1958: Robert Baumann obtained a patent for the first satellite structure.
Quote of the Month

"Leaders think and talk about the solutions; followers think and talk about the problems."
~ Brian Tracy
(speaker, author, entrepreneur)
Ma nufacturing Trivia of the Month

Answer:  B

Development of the Parker "51" was completed in 1939, the 51st anniversary of the Parker Pen Company, thus its name. In a poll by the Illinois Institute of Technology, it was voted the fourth best industrial design of the twentieth century.

Upcoming Events


Tuesday, May 26 from 9 am - 10 am
: Find out how your business can access the federal marketplace
Manufacturing Champions Award Breakfast 2015
Friday, May 29 from 7:30 am - 9:30 am at Dutchess Golf Club, Poughkeepsie, NY:   Celebrate this year's champions and their contributions to Hudson Valley manufacturing

Tuesday, June 2 from 5 pm - 8 pm at Chester Agricultural Center:  Get resources to grow and market high-quality organic agricultural products; connect with buyers, field agents, and more.
NYS REDC Training Workshops
May 29, June 10, & June 23: bring your projects forward to the NYS Regional Economic Development Center and learn how to apply for the Consolidated Funding Application. Click here for more info.

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