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Diet & Breathing: More Info and Video

Last week I posted a blog about our constant need for the big three when it comes to nourishing our bodies: air, water and food.

In that blog, I mentioned the "control pause" (in seconds) and the strong correlation it seemed to have with the quality of our diet as measured by the 4Leaf Survey. Dr. Michael Lingard described it in his latest paper:

It appears there is a synergic relationship between our breathing and our diet. Thus, if we choose to improve our diet by increasing alkaline promoting foods such as fruit, vegetables and whole grains and reduce our acid forming foods such as meat, fish, dairy and highly processed foods, our breathing will improve automatically shown by an increasing Control Pause and lowering pulse rate. 

Today, I want to talk more about that Control Pause (CP) beginning here with Dr. Lingard's definition, followed by an instructional video.

The CP is the maximum comfortable breath hold, after exhaling when at rest, in seconds. As a general rule, any person with a CP of under 20 seconds will be suffering from a variety of health problems and those with a CP between 45 and 60 seconds (normal range) will have optimum body oxygenation and function, other things being equal. 

Here is Dr. Lingard's graph showing the clear correlation between the 4Leaf Score and the Control Pause in seconds.
Now for the 12-minute Instructional Video
with Christopher Drake

The Bottom Line.  I find it very interesting that there is such a strong correlation between the 4Leaf Survey score and the Control Pause score. Having said that, I'm not necessarily recommending or endorsing the Buteyko method, because I really don't know enough about it.

But, as always, I am recommending a WFPB diet, which it seems will also lead to a better Control Pause score. Makes sense, doesn't it?

I should point out that the correct web address for Buteyco is (not dotcom as shown above). I noticed when I visited the site that Christopher Drake (in the video) is indeed a fully qualified and endorsed practitioner of the Buteyco Method as is my friend, Dr. Lingard in the UK .

FYI, I scored 40 seconds on the Control Pause, right in line with my score of +35 on the 4Leaf Survey. 

Looking for Opportunities to Speak in 2018. Since 2016, my research, writing and speaking has been focused on the sustainability of our ecosystem, our civilization and our future as a species. With an emphasis on food choices, I call it the "most important topic in the history of humanity." 

After all, what could possibly be more important to humans than the survival of our species?

Upcoming Talks: In April at the in Honolulu and Maui. In May at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA. In October, at a possible Chinese Nutrition Society event in Nanjing, China.

To schedule a presentation at a venue near you, please contact me at

Be well,  J. Morris (Jim) Hicks

Promoting health, hope and harmony on planet Earth

Moonglow J. Morris Hicks

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