What is Congestive Heart Failure?
Your heart is a muscle that pumps blood through your body. When your heart becomes weak from either illness or a heart attack, it can not pump blood well through your body. Blood and fluid backs up in your lungs and in other parts of your body. This is called congestive heart failure (CHF).

Symptoms of Congestive Heart Failure

Symptoms of CHF are swelling in your ankles and legs, a cough that will not go away, always being tired, weight gain and shortness of breath at rest. Remember to take your medication exactly as ordered, never skip doses, never take 2 doses at once, avoid salty and fatty foods, weigh yourself daily and save your energy. Call 911 if your chest pain is not relieved by NTG (nitroglycerin) or you have difficulty breathing/ shortness of breath that does not go away with rest. Call your doctor or nurse if you have new symptoms or old symptoms that are worse, become more short of breath, have more swelling in your legs or feet, have a cough that will not go away, think your heart feels funny (like a butterfly in your chest), gain 1 to 2 pounds per day or 5 pounds in 1 week, run out of or have side effects from your medication, have yellow or blue-green vision (if taking Digoxin), feel weak or dizzy or very tired, have deceased nutrition or feel you need medical attention.
How Affinity Can Help You with Cardiac Rehabilitation at Home  
Although CHF is a serious condition, it can be controlled with diet, exercise, medication and positive health habits. Regular activity is necessary but do not over work your heart. Pace yourself and rest often. If you have CHF you should avoid salty foods. Fresh and frozen foods are usually lower in salt and processed, packaged, canned and fast foods are usually high in salt. Do not be fooled by food labels that claim to be "healthy". They may be low in fat but very high in sodium (salt). The Registered Nurses, Therapists, and Caregivers at Affinity can accurately assist you or your family with Cardiac Rehabilitation, meal planning, medication reminders, scheduling doctor appointments and more. Contact our office for more information about how we can help you.

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